March 7, 2010

Art walks, MO, and study dates.

This weekend was fun and it went by so fast!

Friday Scott and I went to lunch with his mom for her birthday. We let her pick where to go and she picked Liberty Market, so we picked her up and headed down to Gilbert. Each one of us got a different entree, so we all sampled each other's a bit. I got the Farmer (a grilled veggie sandwich) with a side of sweet potato salad, Scott got a pizza with veggies and sausage, and Scott's mom got turkey sandwich and a side of caprese salad (didn't try either, oops!). Scott and I also insisted that his mom try a cordita (a Liberty Market speciality drink that is basically a mini latte with rock sugar in it), and then she also ordered a mocha to try it out. Both were very good!

A little later into the evening Scott and I drove down to Tempe to pick up Gina so we could go to First Fridays in downtown Phoenix together. We all were pretty hungry, and after driving around for awhile decided to just park near the Lola coffee downtown location, where Scott got a yummy americano, and walked down to the art walk. We also decided to put down our name at Carly's restaurant in hopes that if we went and looked around by the time we were done our table would be ready. We visited a few of the regular galleries including the newly renovated Modified Arts (new and improved? not too sure). By the time we were done our table actually was ready and we walked in to an overcrowded restaurant/bar filled with people basically hovering over other people. The seating situation was absolutely not pleasurable, but the food was really good. Gina and I had a vegan wrap, and Scott got a Tuscan panini. After dinner the night was basically over for all of us so we headed back to Tempe and went our separate ways for the night.

Love you Gina!

We're always on the grey scale together.

Saturday I had to work a little bit in the morning/afternoon for my parents, and then I headed back to Tempe to go see Manchester Orchestra with Scott. Two weeks ago I scored free tickets to the show so we just had to go, plus we love MO. Overall the show was wonderful. The opening acts were all entertaining, and we also ran into a few of Scott's high school friends/old band friends who are now in bands such as The Maine, This Providence, and Raining & Ok. Did I mention yet how lovely Manchester was? I had actually never seen a picture of the band, so I was surprised when this burley man came out and started singing. Not what I expected at all, but fun because he kind of seemed like a big teddy bear. Anyone else see that in the singer of MO?

Today I spent time enjoying the rain, and drinking an iced americano and doing homework at Coffee Bean. Scott and I also went shopping around at Target and I ended up with a really cute floral top (just in time for spring!).

Ok, time for homework and the lovely sounds of St. Vincent.

-Chels xoxo


  1. I love MO! I got to see them open for Brand New and wanted to run up and give the singer a hug the whole time he was playing :) I'm trying to get tickets to go see them when they play down here!

    You look adorable in the pictures love!

  2. That sounds like when I saw the singer of Coheed & Cambria. I expected a skinny, white dude and here's an enormous black guy with massive hair! It amused me so, especially that his little falsetto voice comes from such a huge guy!

    I need to check out MO, I hear so much about them in blogland!x

  3. Marisa- I'm glad someone else felt that way! I hope you get to see them ! PS Brand New will always be my favorite band<3

    Samboy-I know exactly how you feel about Coheed. Claudio has some wild hair! Oh, and you definitely need to check out MO!

  4. sounds like such a great weekend!
    i want to see manchester orchestra so bad.
    now that you mention that he looks like that, i can totally see it. ha.
    but probably not before!

    have a great week!

  5. That sounds like a amazing day, time with friends and loved ones is the best thing in the world!!
    And throwing Coffee and Target shopping is the best thing! Inside my Local Target we have a Starbucks inside I think that’s the best idea ever!!
    I do have to start spring shopping, but what I love the most is all the amazing accessories and Jewelry wow!
    Have a brilliant day!!1♥