March 12, 2010

Friday, thanks for delivering.

One of my goals for this Spring Break is to blog every day, so here is an update on what I did this afternoon/evening.

After Scott got off of work this around 2 p.m. we headed down to La Grande Orange Grocery in Phoenix. This grocery/restaurant/pizzeria/bakery/coffee shop/cute gifts store is seriously a true gem and I am so glad that we finally went (we've been talking about going there for months now).

We spent a little time looking around the store, and eventually ordered some lunch for Scott and a few snacks for me.

(Astrology notebook? Oh yeah!)

Scott got a huge turkey sandwich, fresh fruit, and an amazing green chile macaroni and cheese.

My latte was so good, and the large size was a must.

This apple oatmeal cookie that I got is probably THE best cookie I've had in my whole life.

They had this cute mural on the outside of the building that I just needed to take a picture in front of.

Once we were finished eating we decided it would be best if we went to Restoration Hardware, so we drove all the way down to the Biltmore just to find out that that location had closed (no idea when it did). Instead of immediately leaving we decided to looked around Border's for a bit and both ended up getting something (him: a book on hiking Arizona trails, myself: cute bird themed stationary)

Tonight Scott and I went and saw the movie Remember Me. Being a Pattinson fan (yes, I'll admit it) I really wanted to see this movie, plus the storyline just seemed like something I'd be interested in. Well, without giving anything away, the movie was good and had it's rough parts, but was overall worth going to see.

Tomorrow I am not quite sure what the plan is for the day (hoping to do a little shopping), but I will for sure let you know.

Time for The Time Traveler's Wife.


  1. that mac n' cheese looks so delicious. :)

  2. Miss James- Oh my, it so was. There was pieces of green chili in it AND bread crumbs. I want to make my own at home sometime soon! :]

  3. aw that store is so cute! I love the mural that you posed it front of. And that latte looks delish! :]

    pea.ess. you two really are the cutest couple ever. I love reading about all of the little adventures that you go on together.

  4. Mandi- I'm glad that you enjoyed the story :] And thank you so much for the super sweet comment.

  5. look at the foam on that latte!
    i want it!
    it sounds like a lovely day :)

  6. Just wanted to say that your dress and that mural are both adorable!!