March 3, 2010

It's Wednesday already?

Wow, where have I been? Well let's see...

Last Friday Scott and I had a fun filled day in downtown Phoenix and Tempe. First we stopped at Cartel Coffee Lab, as a I mentioned in a previous post, and then we decided to head to the Phoenix Art Museum to view the new Ansel Adams exhibit:

The photos displayed were mostly photos that Adams took while he was working for Arizona Highways Magazine. All of the photos were beautiful, and Scott and I definitely enjoyed the exhibit.

After spending about an hour or so in the museum we headed to Tempe for dinner. I've really been wanting to take Scott to Mucho Gusto since we haven't been there in well over a year. Well, it's safe to say that he was very much into the idea as well and we ended up sharing a cute meal there together.

I had veggie tacos, and tortilla soup. Scott had a chimichanga, beans, and rice. The food was really delicious and we were both really glad that we went.

After dinner we decided to go to Zia Records in Tempe. Scott found a Dirty Vegas record for $1.99 that he just had to have. The record only has two songs on it, but each is like ten minutes of pure party techno. We are thoroughly enjoying it.

Even thought I didn't get a picture from Zia that night, I did take one a few nights before at a different Zia location:

Scott bought the new She and Him "7 that night.

After record shopping Scott really wanted Yogurtland so we went and boy was I not disappointed.

Scott had red velvet, vanilla of some sort, and granola. I had red velvet, coffee, and little shortbread cookies.

Friday ended up being a super enjoyable day, and the rest of my weekend was spending working on homework with and without Scott.

So far this week I've been really busy with school (what's new really?). I have three mid-terms next week and I'm in the process of gathering information and study, along with writing two articles and reading tons.

Today was my short day at school, but boy did I get a lot of work done there. After class Scott and I went to the gym, then Target, then to my house for dinner, and finally to Gold Bar for a hot tea/study date.

I wanted to say that I know I've been lacking in the blog department, but I'm hoping for more time in the near future for cute, inspirational posts. I also want to say thank you all so, so much for reading my blog. When I initially started this blog I was solely writing to update my boyfriend on what I was doing day-to-day while I was gone in Colorado for the Summer, but since then I feel my blog has really blossomed and has turned into something that I'm truely proud of.

Time for a little Time Traveler's Wife, and possibly more homework.