March 30, 2010

A little video for your Tuesday afternoon..




  1. This was adorable!! I hope you have a great time with your family this weekend!

  2. aww! you're such a sweetie.

  3. oh my gosh, you are too cute!

    Have fun in Yuma... I have only been there a couple of times to actually "hang out", but most just pass through there.

    Happy Easter! (early)

  4. your voice is so much prettier than i had imagined. :] not that i imagine your voice... you get what i'm sayin. haha!

  5. You have the prettiest hair :]
    Have a good weekend!


  6. you are so f***ing adorable.

  7. Chelsea you are the sweetest!♥ you really are I love this video!!
    I really do love it! Your voice is so sweet and amazing
    Also I really like the fact that you thank all your followers I love your blog and always will
    It contains something I cant really explain I just love it!♥ school is hectic I
    Understand and I really do hope everything works out ok for you! Just remember to keep drinking coffee/Tea Hashanah!
    Have an amazing day have fun in Utah and don’t forget to share darling!♥

  8. Yuma? That's an hour away from where I live. :) Have fun!

  9. Stephanie- Haha thank you!

    Lydia- Thanks doll :]

    Kevi- Thanks loves! Happy Easter to you too :]

    Danielle- Awwh, haha thank you. People tell me I have a little voice :]

    J.- Thank you so much! Hope you have a lovely weekend as well!

    Carly- Bahaha YOU are so adorable! One of your v-logs awhile back kind of inspired me to make more of them :]

    Diana- Thank you for all of your sweet comments! I'm going to keep putting my nose to the grin and hope for the best. Hope you have a lovely weekend!

    Cara-Mia- Really! Oh my! Wish we could have a blog meet-up :]

  10. I know! I have a family-filled weekend in store for me though, as I'm sure you do as well. Next time you go there though we definitely should meet up!

  11. eeeeeee! you are so cute! :) x