March 15, 2010

Pizza, coffee, hikes, and bike rides.

What have I been up to lately? Well let me tell you!

Sunday marked the arrival of Liberty of London in Target stores so that morning I felt a trip to Target was a must. I decided to start at the Target at Tempe Marketplace, and after a failing miserably (they have only had the clothing on the shelves, everything else was sitting in boxes next to their corresponding shelves) I treated myself to a trip to Ulta (no luck either), and lunch at Paradise Bakery with my grandmother (veggie sandwich and tomato soup=best lunch combo ever!).

After running a few other errands I decided it would be best if I checked out the other Target that is located even closer to my house as well, just to see if by some chance they would have all of their LOL merchandise out. Well, needless to say boy was I in luck! I'm pretty sure they had every piece of the LOL merchandise at this Target and I wanted it all. However, I only ended up with two pieces which I am very happy about.

I bought:

Cute floral print journals!

This beautiful bag! My grandma actually bought me this, she said it was a birthday present (my birthday isn't until May, but she loves buying random presents).

The rest of the afternoon/evening with spent with Scott. We went to Michael's, Joanne's, and Target. We also decided to try out a new local pizza spot for dinner. We got a veggie pizza (hand tossed and made right after we ordered it) and a very large salad. We were both very happy campers by the end of the meal and plan on going back.

(Yucky Blackberry pictures)

Today Scott had to work in the morning, so I spent most of the morning and early afternoon reading, painting my nails, and cleaning. After Scott got off of work we went to Hillside Spot Cafe for iced americanos (they use Cartel coffee beans!), and then went on a hike on South Mountain.

For Katrina so she can see the Mint Candy Apple color by Essie on actual nails!

After the coffee and hike, Scott and I's good friend Amanda came over and we all went on a wonderful bike ride.

Once we were back at the house Scott also decided that today was the day he needed to throw on a pair of rollerblades and do the moon walk and twirl around:

For dinner we all went over to Amanda's house and her stepdad made us a lovely meal! We even got to play fetch her dog Taz and see him jump higher than I've ever seen any dog jump.

Now I'm here, writing this all to you. I hope you enjoyed reading this. Today was a very fun day and I'm looking forward to Scott and I's morning hike on Camelback Mountain tomorrow. Pictures plus a story to come later tomorrow about our adventure.

Time for reading.

-Chels xox

PS I'm looking for Spring themed songs for an upcoming article/list for my college's newspaper. Suggestions anyone? Thank you!


  1. LOVE that nail polish color! And right in time for St. Patrick's Day!

  2. yay thank you! it looks so cute.
    you guys (and your new bag) are adorable on your bike ride!

  3. i love hearing about your days! and now i'm craving coffee! haha


  4. you guys are so cute and funny. the moonwalk...classic!

  5. anything by the format makes me think SPRING! and i, too, love the nail polish color!

    p.s. can't wait to see you friday! haha

  6. put your records on- corrine bailey rae

  7. mint candy apple!
    so lovely.

    your grandma seems so sweet. :)
    glad you had a fun time!

    um, grass and my girls by animal collective make me think spring!

  8. ♥Reading
    ♥Painting Nails
    ♥Iced Americano
    ♥Bike Ride
    Boy that sounds like a perfect day to me it really does!!

    Spring themed songs mmmmm….. I know I’ve listen to so many but I just cant remember but one thing is for sure many oldies are spring themed hahahaha!
    That wasn’t any help at all right?
    Well darling have a pleasant day
    and keep sharing♥

  9. I love all the Liberty of London stuff too! It's sooooo lovely! Also--I love that nail polish! I'm new tot he nail polish scene, but that's one of my favorite colors so far!

  10. jealous on like forteen levels.
    LOVE the journals!
    and that bag too!

  11. i just noticed your finger in that photo with your nails (ps: i am wearing the EXACT same colour on mine right now) but anyway, are you engaged??

  12. Katrina- YAY I'm glad that you liked it, and thank you!

    Jess- Thank you for the sweet comment! I definitely think you should treat yourself to some coffee!

    Jennifer- Thank you! Scott is a pretty funny guy. He actually almost fell after that picture :/ haha

    Shaye-I feel the same about The Format!

    The girl- Thank you!

    Lydia- Thank you!

    Diana- Thank you so much! :]

    Stephanie- I'm so glad that you like it too!

    Carly- No need to be jealous! I heard you got some cute LOL stuff too :]

    Carly-No, I'm not engaged (YET!), but that is my promise ring :] My boyfriend has one too! <3 Thanks for asking!