March 24, 2010

Spring Break to-do list!

As I promised, here is the list of my Spring Break to-do's that I wrote up the week before my break started, along with notes on how I either accomplished them, or didn't.

1. Bake cupcakes & make lemonade
-The very first day of break I made lemonade and talked about it here. Cupcakes, unfortunately were never made.

2. Finish The Time Traveler's Wife
-I finished the book during the last weekend of break and all I can say is that I loved the book very, very much. I thoroughly enjoyed the diary type entries, and how everything went back and forth. At first it was a little hard to follow, but as the book went on it got much easier. I seriously never wanted to put it down. I would highly suggest this book and can't wait to finally watch the film adaptation of it.

3.Go on at least one hike
-I definitely accomplished this goal, in fact I went on two hikes, one on Camelback Mountain (which I blogged about here) and also one on South Mountain.

4. Take spring themed photos
-Unfortunately, I didn't entirely accomplish this goal. I was wanting to set up a backdrop and pretty things to be involved in the photos, but alas I didn't end up having time to do this. However, I did take quite a few photos over break.

5. Go to H&M, Anthro., and Urban
-I for sure went to Anthro. and bought this cute cup, but I ended up deciding that I didn't need to go to H&M or Urban (trying to save money for other fun things during the week). As of now though I have a huge urge to go to H&M and hope to go sometime this week.

6. Go on a bike ride
-I went on the best bike ride during break with Scott and our friend Amanda. You can read about it here.

7. Make March mini book
-I for sure started this book, but have yet to complete it. Hopefully this weekend I'll have some time to work on it.

8. See Alice in Wonderland
-After writing this I ended up deciding that I didn't want to see this movie (mixed feelings/wanting to see something else instead. I did however see Remember Me and Shutter Island, both of which I loved.

9. Go to La Grande Orange Grocery
-Yes, I did it! I finally went to La Grande Orange and LOVED it! In fact, I went twice. You can see what I did there here, and here.

10. Go to Green
-Oh man, this is the one place I slightly regret not going to. Although, I did eat at a few great cafes during break including La Grande, The Coffee Shop, and Hillside Spot Cafe.

Overall break was really wonderful and I had a lot of fun. Now it's time to put my nose back to the grind and finish this semester up. I just know I can do this!



  1. Whew, your spring break sounds super busy! We should go to Green soon - I love that place :)

  2. I would love that! What are you doing this weekend? :]

  3. that sounds like a lovely spring break. i saw shutter island over break, too. i had mixed feelings about it.

  4. I love Anthropologie! My boyfriend and I made lemonade also a couple of days ago, it was really good lol we got the lemons from my grandma too!

  5. ohhh sounds like you had a fun spring break!

  6. what a good spring break list!
    i need to stop going to anthro! if i don't go in the store, i won't buy anything!
    the film version of the time traveler's wife cannot even touch the book. i'm glad you read it before you saw the movie. i mean i would watch it again, but i don't feel like it captures the magic like the book does. how could it? plus the lady that wrote it (audrey niffenegger) had nothing to do with the movie.
    i hope you enjoy it either way though! i love rachel mcadams.

  7. I watched the Time Traveler's wife (film version) but I wish I read the book first. So good thing you are!

  8. That’s a wonderful list am so happy that you accomplishes some of the things you said you would…. And for the things that couldn’t be dome don’t worry you have plenty of time plus like you said sometimes we change our minds ahahahaha…..well darling thanks for sharing your incredible list take care and have fun ♥

  9. ohhh man you HAVE to go to Green soon! it is SUCH a great place!

  10. Sounds like a great spring break! Glad you were able to do most of it :)

    I wanted you to know that I've passed on the Beautiful Blogger Award to you :)

    Thanks for being a beautiful blogger!