March 21, 2010

Sunday Morning Breakfast

This morning Scott and I went out to breakfast at a new'ish cafe down the street from this house called Hillside Spot Cafe. We had been there a few times in the past, but only for lunch and coffee, so walking into a very busy (and loud) cafe was a little overwhelming, but so worth it in the end.

The building that the cafe sits in actually once held one of the old coffee shops that Scott used to work out for about the first two years of our relationship (The Coffee Plantation on 48th and Warner), so it was neat to see how much the space had change and to image how it was when we used to spend so much time there.

Scott and I actually ended up sitting in the exact corner that we sat in and had coffee on our first date.

(pardon the tired eyes, no make-up please<3)

We both ordered hot americanos that were excellent (made with Cartel beans! Eck).

Scott got some kind of chorizo breakfast sandwich, and I got a veggie omelet with nine-grain toast, both of which were really yummy (because it was so busy Scott's sandwich was a cold when it got it, but it was still good).

So I'm wondering, what did you have for breakfast today? Do you have pictures of it? Am I the only one that loves taking food pictures?

Anyways, tomorrow I have to go back to school after a whole 10 days off. Break was really amazing, and I plan on blogging my list of Spring Break to-do's so that you can all what I accomplished (and didn't) very soon.

Ok, time to get things ready for the morning.

-Chels xoxo


  1. You're totally not the only one who loves taking food pics. I'd have a ton more on my blog (especially breakfast, it's our fave to cook!) if we weren't always too busy eating the delicious things we make! I need to start :)

  2. aww! i love that you guys got your first date seat. :)

    you're not alone in taking food pictures.
    whenever i cook/bake something that i'm particularly proud of, i always try to document it with a photo.
    sometimes i forget because i'm too busy with eating tho. ha.

  3. Back to school, sometimes we miss it don’t we? Am loving your post it looks
    Like an amazing breakfast, it’s all about Americanos and Ice Coffes right? Well Doll take care and I hope school goes great.♥

  4. i LOVE hillside. love cartel. love the sandy that your beau got. it's my favourite from there :)

  5. Kara- Breakfast pictures are my favorite! Please take some soon :]

    Lydia- I know what you mean about the busy part haha that's why I always try to take them before I start eating. Scott's such a trooper for always letting me do it!

    Diana- Yes, it's so about americanos and iced coffee! Thank you! Hope all is well with you :]

    Samela- You've been to Hillside? Oh we love it there! Maybe we'll run into each other sometime. Don't be afraid to say hello :]

  6. yes'm! a friend of mine that works @cartel took me their for a V-day brunch.. and i swooned twelve times over.. and didn't want to leave! it's a pleasant mix of LGO+LibertyMarket, in our opinions :)