March 17, 2010

To Camelback Mountain and back!

As mentioned in a previous post, yesterday Scott, his mom, and I hiked to the very top of Camelback Mountain in Scottsdale, Arizona.

My morning (6:30ish) started like this:

Around 8:15 we all departed from Scott's house, and made the drive (in morning rush hour traffic) to the area closest to the trail we wanted to take. Since the weather was BEAUTIFUL, and it's Spring Break, there were a ton of people (and cars) around the trail head area so we ended up having to park a few blocks away on a random street.

After finally making it to the start area we had to decide which of the two paths we wanted to take. Since we were there I figured it would be best if we just went and did the main path that took you straight up the mountain, instead of around the edge.

The beginning of the trail seemed nice, and not too hard (wooden steps for a bit, then flat land).

And then we met what I would like to call "the wall":

This picture was actually taken on the way back down the mountain, but at least it portrays the steepness, and scariness of this part of the hike. When I first attempted going up this I got half way up and got very scared and really felt like I could not go any further. On the other side (which is where I was trying to go up) the rock was very slick, and where I got stuck there was a large protruding portion of rock and it seemed like the only way around it was to basically throw yourself up and hope you don't slip. Well, after a minor break down I eventually moved to the middle of the rock and used the pole to hoist myself up, one foot at a time.

The rest of the way up the mountain went like this: small flat'ish break, steep rocks that you had to crawl up, look up and down every two minutes to make sure no one is about to fall/step on you, occasional breathing/water breaks, more steep rocks that you had to crawl up, a few scared induced break downs, and finally this:

The view from the top was breathtaking, and definitely worth the extraneous hour and a half hike straight up the mountain.

Did I mention that Scott and I also found a little cave and wanted to take a photo in front of it, but ultimately covered up most of it with our bodies. Oops!

After we finally got all the way down the mountain, and made the walk back to Scott's truck, we decided to eat lunch at La Grande Orange once again (only because we were close, and the food there is AMAZING).

Iced non-fat latte, caesar salad, iced tea.

Chickpea sandwich, green chile macaroni and cheese (my lunch!).

Dessert=brownie cookie and pumpkin chocolate muffin!

The rest of the day was spent tending to my sunburn neck (forgot the sunscreen and completely regretted it), eating dinner together, and going to see Shutter Island.

Ok, update on today's little adventure coming soon!

-Chels xoxo


  1. Oh doll it looks like both of you really had a blast am sooo glad, hiking is definitely
    Something I love love to do!!!!! Am a very outdoors kind of girl, yes the sun could bother at times and make me feel blind as well but despite all that I always have a blast always!!!!
    And could I just say I love non-fate iced lattes they are perfect with a salad♥
    Mmmmm thanks for sharing love and yes cant wait
    For your next post!!♥

  2. Looks like a really beautiful day you had! I love hiking although that steep wall section would have freaked me out too! I want to try green chili mac and cheese! yum! thanks for the great post girl!

  3. Oooh pictures to go with your story! That looks really steep, I'd have a fear induced breakdown too.

    I MUST try LGO soon. Can you believe I've never tried it, especially now that I'm a downtownie? That mac n cheese sounds to die for and I LOVE chocolate pumpkin muffins. Do they make their own or serve Tammie Coe's?

  4. That hike looks like so much fun! I wish Mississippi had awesome mountains to hike up.

  5. I think with every blog and picture you post I fall a little bit more in love with Arizona, it sounds and looks perfect!

  6. So pretty! And your meal sounds delicious!

  7. That's a crazy-fun hike, goooo you!!! Also, no better way to finish it up than LGO :) MMM.