March 23, 2010

Tuesday, I love you.

Good evening loves!

Well, I know that I said I would update you on my list of things to-do over Spring Break (or rather the ones that I ended up doing and the ones that I did not) but tonight I want to give you a little peek into my day.

My morning started off like this:

The rained pored all night long and this morning Phoenix was a beautiful mess of cool rain, and cloudy skies. I got up a little earlier today and drove down to the Phoenix Public Market so that I could get a free non-fat latte (7 punches later and that free drink was mine!) and a lovely blueberry muffin.

At 10:30 I had my Intro to PR class, and around 11:45 I met Scott back at the market for lunch. We both got half sandwich, half soup. He a turkey sandwich and tomato bisque soup, me a vegetarian sandwich and tomato bisque soup.

The soup was probably the best tomato soup I've ever consumed. If you have a chance to go to the Phoenix Public Market I highly suggest trying some of this amazing soup.

These pretty flowers were sitting on our table.

On our way out Scott and I decided that we needed a little Pelegrino for the walk to Cartel Coffee Lab where Scott was planning on buying beans.

About a month ago I bought Scott some coffee beans from Cartel Coffee Lab, and every since he's been addicted (as have I). Since Scott was out he wanted to pick up a new batch, and ended up purchasing a $18 bag of coffee. He's really, really excited to try it (it smells amazing!).

The rest of the afternoon/evening was filled with more school, sunshine drives, and a little shopping with my love.

Ok, time to read The Bell Jar and dream about baking cute cupcakes.




  1. I love your tie dye steering wheel cover! And you always make me want to drink coffee after reading your blog posts!


  2. what a perfect day!!!
    all the food looks so yummy! especially that muffin!
    are you a vegetarian!?
    if so add to the list of similarities! haha!

  3. First I like the cover of your steer wheel!
    Second, is that a design on your coffe cup? :p

  4. i love your coat!
    must get fancy coffee!

  5. that sounds like an amazing day.. I still need to actually go shopping at the market..

    also, i think someone should make a book of photos of coffee lovers smelling coffee beans... i am pretty sure we all have silly faces like scott made.

  6. that soup sounds completely wonderful.

    i hope that coffee is worth every penny.
    which, i'm sure it will be!

  7. Yum....your food always looks soooo good!

    Yay for sunshine and days spent with that special someone!

  8. Jazmyn-It was so good!

    J*Marie- Thank you! I got it so long ago. It has so many holes in it haha

    Chelsea-I'm actually on the border of it i.e. I really don't eat much meat, and when I do it's chicken. I have gone back and forth with it for many years. :/

    Petite Exploratrice- It's actually a foam design in my latte! :] And thank you!

    Katrina- Thank you! It's a wool coat from Banana Republic.

    Kevi-I love the book idea! I have so many silly photos of us with coffee. Maybe I'll post a few sometime :]

    Lydia- Scott made some this morning and told me that it was AMAZING! haha

    Stephanie- Thank you! :]