April 26, 2010

Afternoon lunch date.

Good morning blogger world. I'm a little behind in blogging from this last week, but I'm going to star playing catch up right now.

Last week Scott came down to Phoenix on my lunch break and brought our bikes so that we could go on a little stroll around the neighborhood, pick up some coffee, and get lunch.

We started off by biking to Lola Coffee:

Scott had a americano...

and I had a latte. We shared some amazing rosemary shortbread as well.

Pretty flower display on one of their giant tables.

Love the latte art in my drink!

After coffee we biked to Athenian Express and had super yummy greek food. From the outside this restaurant looks like a tiny hole in the wall, but once you get inside it's way bigger than you think it would be. The place was super busy, but it really didn't take long at all to get our food. It was our first time going there, but it definitely won't be our last.

After lunch we took a little stroll around the area, and admired all the beautiful houses in the area (hopefully one of them will be ours someday).

Ok, be back later!
-Chels xoxo


  1. That food looks delicious!! I love Greek food!

  2. Stephanie- I do too! It was seriously the best veggie pita I've ever had :]

  3. It looks like you had loads of fun!! ♥ hey darling did you do something for Earth day last Thursday?
    I forgot to ask you…you look like the kindda girl that helps out mother nature….do you have any advice?

  4. Diana- I did actually do a few things for Earth Day- I rode my bike instead of driving (as much as I could), didn't use throw away cups for my coffee, and walked a lot.
    What did you do?