April 22, 2010

Bike Saviors Part 1

Yesterday Scott and I went out on a hunt to find me a new bike. This summer I'm going to spending quite a bit of time in Colorado and don't want to bring my bike with me (won't be able to get it back for a month or so after I get back home) so I decided that I needed to find a new (vintage/semi-cheap) bike.

Going into this I had the idea of going to the Tempe Bike co-op, or Bike Saviors. A few years ago Scott and I went to the bike co-op to get our first bikes (together). I remember going into the backyard of this old house and walking into a bicycle junkyard (essentially). I also remember there being a ton of people there and feeling completely overwhelmed. In the end though Scott and I got neat, vintage bikes that we restored ourselves, with help from the volunteers at the co-op, and only had to pay $35 a piece for them.

Since then our bicycle collection has changed and grown. Neither Scott nor I have the bike that we restored at the co-op, and both have different bikes that we love (she-one, him-three).

Love my bike!

Ok back to the present co-op, so since 2008 the co-op has moved out of the backyard of someone's home and has moved into a nice, semi-big, building off of Mill and Ash'ish in Tempe. Last night Scott and I went to the new co-op with the intent of picking out a bike and fixing it up together. Well, since last night was "ladies night" they wouldn't let Scott stay with me (kind of lame), so we decided to leave and look around at other bike shops in the area.

After looking around two different bike shops I decided that the co-op as ultimately the best way to go, in large part to Scott's encouragement (it's hard for me to do things alone, especially in large crowds. Anyone else feel this way?). Anyways, we ended up going back to the co-op where Scott dropped me off (he went and hung out at Cartel Coffee Lab) and I went in and started to repair a cute green vintage cruiser bike.

I stayed at the co-op for about an hour and a half and only ended up getting a small amount of things accomplished. I have plans to go back Sunday with Scott (YAY) and hope to finish the bike so I can take it home.

Also, I just found out that tomorrow Scott is going to visit the ASU surplus place where there potentially could be a used bike with my name on it (unlikely, but it could happen). If he does end up seeing something I might cave and just get one there.

Anyways, here's to hoping I have a second bike by Sunday!

Ok, time to get ready for interview day tomorrow at school!

-Chels xoxo

PS Have any of you ever had any experiences with bike co-ops? If so, what was it like?


  1. I've never had any experience with bike co-ops, but that sounds like a great place. There is something similar to that where I go to school (Ottawa, Canada) called the Bike Dump... you've definitely inspired me to go and find a bike!!

    I also can definitely relate to having trouble doing stuff alone, especially in large groups. I tend to avoid those situations! Social anxiety is the worst.

  2. bike shopping is so hard, im quite picky but i love vintage. im not so handy with a wrench so i need something that still runs with a little grease. i was lucky once and found a great polish bike from the eastern block (how it made it to canada i have no idea) but i had to leave it behind when i moved to budapest. now i cant find anything like it now that im actually living in a post-communism country. figures.

    i still admire that little bike that i hope is not rusting in my parents garage...


  3. I haven't been to a co-op but there is something similar at the university I attend. I'm moving closer to the university this weekend actually and envision a lot more bike riding.

    Your bike is adorable. Design sponge has a post about a woman restoring her bike and I found it pretty interesting too. http://www.designspongeonline.com/2010/04/before-after-shelf-table-coffee-table-bike-makeovers.html

  4. CUTE bike, girl. :)
    i'm the exact same way when it comes to feeling overwhelmed like that, too.
    i get so anxious.
    josh dropped me off at a mall i wasn't familiar with, to shop the other day. and it was so huge and there were so many people.
    i got lost because i was overwhelmed.
    i was afraid i'd never find forever 21! haha. :(
    but i did! :)

  5. There is a great bike co-op in Tucson called Bicus. If you are ever down there for a visit, check it out!

  6. oops typo! Bicas - http://bicas.org/

  7. I actually was in the process of building a bike at Bike Saviours before we moved! We are friends with Allison and Daniel who are some of the founders of the co-op. It was a little awkward at first because it was so crowded and we didn't know what we were doing, but it got better and it was fun to work on a completely custom and unique bike! I ended up finding a cute bike on Craigslist instead. :) Good luck on your bike hunt.

  8. I havent ridden a bike for so long. I like your bike too.

  9. I get really bad anxiety when it comes to being in really large crowds, so if I don't have someone there to keep my mind off of it, I totally melt down! I hope you finish your bike and can't wait to see photos!

  10. HI! It was great to meet you today at the Coffee, Cookies and Crafts fair. As I mentioned I would give you the info on the upcoming Vegan Bake Sale in Tempe. It is Saturday, May 1st at Loveland Clothing Boutique on Baseline and Mill. It starts at 11 am and ends at 4pm. I hope to see you there!

    Rikki Cupcake

  11. I've never been to a bike co-op but what a great idea! I am loving your bike. I have nominated you for a beautiful blogger award. Check out my blog for details!

  12. Gabriella- The bike dump sounds neat! I hope you find a nice bike there :] Oh, and yes social anxiety is awful.

    Katie F.- Oh that bike is lovely! I hope you find something just as nice in Budapest soon :]

    Kelsey- I hope you get a bike soon! And thanks for that link to the design sponge project! What a neat idea :]

    Lydia- Thank you, and I'm sorry you experience social anxiety as well. It's nice to know that I'm not alone<3

    Suki- Thanks for the link to the Tucson bike co-op! It looks really neat :]

    Chelsea- Thank you so much :] PS Love your name haha

    Kristy- That's so neat that you were building a bike there. I know what you mean about feeling awkward at first. I'm glad you ended up finding a cute bike :]

    Chloe- Thank you!

    Stephanie- I feel the SAME way. I hope it's something I grow out of one day!

    Rikki- Hey girl! It was so nice meeting you on Saturday! Thanks for the information on the bake sale. I'm pretty sure I'm going to be in Cottonwood for the weekend, but maybe I can get Scott to stop by and pick me up a few treats for my birthday on Sunday. Keep in touch<3

    Jane- Thank you so much for the blogger award! It was very sweet of you :]