April 20, 2010


Tomorrow I'm going on the hunt for a new (vintage) bike. I'm really hoping to find a cute Raleigh, or a Schwinn "girl" bike. Crossing my fingers that I found something as cute as one of these adorable bikes:

(love the vintage logo)

-Chels xoxo


  1. i want one so bad!
    our goodwill usually has quite a few options.
    a couple of my best friends got their bikes there.
    i need to get myself one and girl-ify it! :)

    good luck on your search!

  2. my hb and I have been searching here in Florida. no luck yet though! so perfect for summer adventures :)

  3. Where are you going to look?
    Because I'm looking for a CHEAP vintage cruiser and I can't find it anywhere.

  4. Jennifer- I hope you guys find some soon :]

    Erica- I'm going to the Tempe Bike co-op tonight! I restored/bought a vintage Raleigh cruiser there a few years ago. They've moved since then, but I'm sure they still have great stuff!

  5. Lydia- Oh I hope you get one soon :]

  6. Chelsea! I got your package today and it was so so sweet! Thank you so much lady! I absolutely love the coffee cozy! It will definitely come in handy! And the mix is lovely and full of new music for me! Thank you sooooo much!

  7. Stephanie- YAY I'm so glad that you got it and loved it! You inspired me to make my own packaging. :] Oh, and I'm glad that you like the mix as well. Keep in touch<3