April 12, 2010

Birthday wish-list

My 22nd birthday is coming up in less than a month (May 2nd), and I've decided to make a list of a few things I would enjoy receiving. The list is as followed:

When is you birthday? Do you already have something special in mind that you would like to receive?

-Chels xoxo

PS What girl doesn't love jewelry.....


  1. My bday was in March and I wanted to receive my new Nikon D60 so I paid 2/3 of it and my parents paid 1/3.

    nice blog! :)

  2. I will take one of each please!


  3. My birthday is in July and I am already thinking about it. I want an iphone!

  4. ooh, my best friend just got those striped toms (in red) for her birthday! they are extremely cute, even more in real life!

  5. red toms for me too please!?!?!? hehe
    my birthday is may 5 (i'll be 23)!
    -kellie :)

  6. i LOVE my toms! and those are tooo cute!

    my birthday is december 6 and all i can think about now are new things for my apartment! hahaha (i don't have a list together yet, i wait til the last minute to tell anyone)

  7. oh oh oh the first rign is just delicious! I want!!

    Its my 21st birthday in 4 months. I dont know at all what I want!! eeeee!

  8. man we're twins hahah.
    check out my most recent post.
    toms and mbmj and rings.

  9. BeautifulNemo- That's a great gift!

    Carrie- Haha me too!

    Shawna- Iphones are so fun!

    The girl- Oh I'm glad that there are cute in real life!

    On the brink of something beautiful- YAY a fellow taurus! Hope you get a pair! :]

    Lydia- Thank you! :]

    Shaye- Apartment stuff would be fun, but you definitely got time to think about it :]

    Tillie- I love the first ring as well :]

    Carly- Haha I just saw that, too funny! I love the cross body bags you picked out. I have one from Coach that is brown leather, it's really cute!

  10. I've fallen in love with Toms shoes! I would also really love to have a wonderful pair of my own!

  11. i am dying for a pair of Toms! [and that grey marc jacobs bag is one i've been coveting in every color i've seen...swoon!]