April 7, 2010

Coffee tasting!

Last week Scott and I attended a private coffee tasting that my new friend Brian (manager at Cartel Coffee Lab in Tempe) offered to do for us.

Brian started off by telling us the area that the coffee came from, and brewed the speciality beans in a Chemex (which he also showed us how to use properly!). After each coffee was done brewing we tried each coffee and talked about the flavor, moved on to the next one, then went back to the first one see how much the flavored had changed since the coffee had cooled down (this is seriously such an amazing process).

We also had the chance to try amazing milk chocolate with our coffee, and see how the flavor in the chocolate brought out the flavor of the coffee (yet again amazing).

It was a really fun experience learning about the coffee, where it came from, and the different flavors that can exist in certain coffee.

I want to take a moment to really thank Brian Clemens for being so kind and doing this coffee tasting (and interview he did with me as well for an article that I did on the US Barista Championship). It was truly a wonderful experience, and Scott and I enjoyed it so much.

Be back soon was another post of my daily life.

-Chels xoxo


  1. That sounds so awesome! We have a friend who owns a coffee shop in Springfield and he offered to order us a Chemex... I think it's a great idea, but I'm no good with strong coffee.. I always doctor it up with cream and sugar. Oh well! I still think it's neat you got to do that! Sounds like alot of fun!

  2. Oh that's so neat! You should for sure get one. I think Scott and I are going to buy one soon. It's a neat process because it takes out all the oils in the coffee. :]

  3. So jealous! This sounds like something really fun to do. I wonder where you can sign up for these if you don't happen to already know the manager?

  4. I work at a winery and do tasting like that but minus coffee and with wine.. But I have heard that coffee is just like wine, and there are so many different flavours, aroma's etc. that you can pick up from coffee just like wine.
    There is nothing better than a good cup of jo :)

  5. My husband and I have really missed Cartel coffee since we moved out of PHX.

  6. Ah! Sooo cool. I'd love to learn more about coffee and different brewing methods. I pretty much know nothing about it...and you've seen me tweet about my sad, sorry lack of coffee brewing ability. Maybe I should educate myself!

  7. How neat! It sounds like a really cool and interesting experience!