April 18, 2010

A few purchases...

As mentioned in my previous post, Scott and I picked up a few records during yesterday's Record Store Day. Our purchases include:

All three records are beautiful, and make a great addition to our collection. The Neil Young is a "7, so we have to buy an adapter for our record player before we can listen to it. Oh, and The Postal Service record came with a B-side record that included Such Great Heights performed by Iron & Wine. All I can say is that it sounds even more special on vinyl.

Today I also make another purchase, but no records this time, I went for something I haven't bought in a few years. I bought a new swimsuit:

This one to be exact! It's perfect and fits me great. For a few years now I've been disliking my current two piece and haven't wanted to go swimming because I didn't like wearing it, but now I'm ready to swim and lounge by the pool!

Ok, time to get things together for the morning and give my sweet puppy hugs and kisses. He's going in for surgery in the morning to have a few ulcers removed. If you pray, I would really love it if you could keep him in your prayers. If you keep happy thoughts, I would love it if you could keep him in yours. Thank you<3

-Chels xoxo


  1. Totally keeping your puppy in my prayers!!


  2. Thank you so much Jess, that really means a lot to me. He means everything to me.

    Hope you have a lovely week<3

  3. Aww I'll keep him in my prayers...pets are so precious <3

    Also, great choice on Neil Young's "Harvest"! It's one of my fave's :)

  4. Poor puppy! I'll keep him in my prayers, dear.

    Also, I have to say I really LOVE everything you purchased. :)

  5. hahahah We are SO alike, Chels. That's the swimsuit I got, only mine's black!

    It's such a great suit!! :)

  6. your puppy is in my thoughts!

    very nice choices.
    i enjoyed record store day very much!

  7. neil and wilco <3
    poor puppy, you guys are in my thoughts today.

  8. Do you remember me?! I "met" you through Lucia! "Met" as in through in internet and I have no idea how I stumbled upon your blog.. but I love it and I hope your puppy is okay!

  9. Ahhh I LOVE those new albums! The Neil Young has always been a fave of mine <3

  10. I hope your pup is doing good, I will keep you all in my happy thoughts!!

  11. Yes I do remember your last post, you mentioned you had a blast at a Record store…..I love them soooo much♥

    And I LOVE Neil Young!!!!!! He is so majestic fantastic his lyrics are poems in my opinion yay!!! you have amazing taste in music you really do!!!!!

    Thanks for sharing!

  12. all great choices. and love the suit. I'm dreading finding one. Those things just don't look right after you've popped out a baby. :/ Cute blog!

    Nicole visiting from

  13. Marisa- Thank you sooo much! It means a lot to me :] PS Scott LOVES Neil young!

    Nikki- Really? Oh man haha I think we need a picture of us in our matching suits!

    Katrina- Thank you! :] I really enjoyed it as well.

    Carly- Thanks love<3

    Rachael- Of course I remember you :] Glad you like my blog, and thank you for the sweet wishes about my puppy!

    Kara- Scott LOVES Neil too :]

    Sandy- Thank you so much! He's doing really well :]

    Diana- Thanks so much girl :]

    Cole- Thanks for stopping by! :] I also know the dreading part...I think it was a miracle that I found one haha!