April 26, 2010

Friday & Saturday! It's the weekend!


Friday I attended an interview day at school, from which I'm hoping to get an internship out of for the fall semester. I met with five different people in two hours, and at the end I felt calmed and excited for what will come out of it.

After my meetings Scott and I had lunch, then went to the ASU surplus store where they sell various tables, desks, chairs, etc. Scott was looking for some legs for a table that he's in the process of building.

He actually ended up find these really neat adjustable legs on a 1970's table. Since he didn't want the whole table he used a screwdriver to take off the legs (thank goodness, that table would not have fit in my car).

Once we were done at the surplus store we headed down to Scottsdale so that I could see about getting my dad's Sony computer fixed, and also to pick up some Sprinkles cupcakes. Scott and I actually got really lucky and received free vanilla with sprinkles cupcakes because we knew the secret whisper word of the day!

We ended the night with coffee from Cartel, and time spent with my parents.

Saturday was super eventful, as Scott had off work (first Saturday off in awhile). We went to Liberty Market for breakfast, then to the craft fair at Bragg's Pie Factory where we ended up meeting a lovely lady by the name of Rikki that came up to us and said she read my blog. Rikki had made the most amazing vegan cupcakes for the craft fair, and Scott and I seriously wanted to try each and every one.

Cortaditos at Liberty Market.

Crazy big marble ball outside of Liberty Market. Scott was trying to spin it the fastest he could.

Scott admiring the coffee, oh and the giant paper mache camel.

Adorable mini vegan cupcake that Rikki made. It was lemon, and it was amazing!

The rest of the afternoon was spent looking through vintage shops, drinking tea at Copper Star Coffee, and bike riding around the Willow neighborhood in Phoenix.

We ended our super busy day with a trip to the roller derby at The Coliseum in Phoenix. Neither Scott nor I had ever been to a roller derby so it was a lot of fun to watch the girls kick butt. We even realized that we knew someone on one of the playing teams (Bombshells).

Overall, we had a really fun and busy weekend!
What did you guys do this weekend?

-Chels xoxo


  1. that little lemon cupcake looks amazing!
    i love the blackberry on top.
    too cute.

  2. Lydia- Oh it was super delicious. I need to find a vegan lemon cupcake recipe asap!

  3. Chelsea,
    Thank you so much for your kind words, it was great to meet you and I hope to see you Saturday for more goodies. (: