April 14, 2010

Homework, hair cuts, and homemade dinners.

Today consisted of:
A test in my first class, an article due in my second, lots, and lots of homework to complete,
Sonic lemon-berry slushes, more homework, dinner, and homework yet again.

This week has been really rough on both Scott and I, but it's almost over and we're going to celebrate by going shopping, attending a friends show, and by Scott getting his hair cut (tomorrow! eck!).

I decided that we should take another "What I Wore Today" photo, just for fun. Here are the results:

(awkward leaning forward pose)
Dress- Target
Tights- We Love Colors (that I won in a giveaway last week! love them)
Boots- Steve Madden

Jacket- Banana Republic
Shirt-Buffalo Exchange (can't remember specific brand, but he got it new)
Pants- Levi's
Shoes- Toms

As I mentioned, tomorrow Scott is getting is hair cut shorter and is still trying to decide on a specific cut/look to go for. He was thinking something similar to how his hair was cut last October:

Do you have any ideas/pictures on how he should get his hair cut? Help would be much appreciated!

Ok, time to go over a paper I have due tomorrow one last time.

-Chels xoxo

Did you treat yourself to something sweet today?


  1. mmm SONIC HAPPY HOUR!!! my favorite!
    looks like slushies... the best!
    and your outfit is so cute. love the pop of blue color!!

  2. Chelsea- Yes! Lemon-berry slushes to be exact :] And thank you! I really love the new tights, and would suggest them to anyone. They are really durable i.e. I'm not afraid they're going to rip on the first, second, or even third wear. xoxox

  3. Cute cute! I like his hair like the cut in the picture. You guys look adorable in it too!

    Rad outfit...love the blue tights <3

  4. oh my gosh, where was that adorable last photo taken? it almost looks too perfect to be true...like a backdrop or something, haha! anyway, super cute! looks like engagement photos or something!

  5. Kara- Thanks girl!

    Carly- An old friend of ours took it for our three year anniversary last October. We took it down the street from my school in a cute neighborhood!