April 7, 2010

Motivation tips?

Feeling a little unmotivated this morning/afternoon. I think I need more of this to brighten my day.

What helps to make you feel motivated?



  1. Tom Pertty “Learning to Fly” love the song!!♥
    A strong Americano or a soy Chi Latte♥
    Chocolate and a great movie …..and lots of love from my fam and friends! I hope you feel better darling♥

  2. Regina Spektor dance parties and iced coffee..well, they don't necessarily make me motivated to do things I need to do...just motivate me to have fun!

    Hope your day picked up!!

  3. a locked room.
    quiet. silence.
    and popcorn.

  4. whoever said "chai, sunshine, eisley" umm holy let's be friends

  5. Ooh a walk outside, peppermint tea, and some wild dancing :) xo

  6. Naps!! I love naps. I'm such a huge fan and I always feel jazzed up afterward.

    And holy cute, that top looks amazing. Full shot?

  7. I love discovering a new place. I search around online at places to travel to until I find something beautiful or someplace full of culture or history that I never even knew existed in the world. And I look up places to stay and ways to get there and things to do. It just makes me excited about what else I have yet to discover or learn about the world and about life and gives me a great attitude for the rest of the day.

  8. woah! six degrees of separation! i live in yuma arizona. and my family is in the carnival business (reithoffer shows). how are you connected with the carnival business?! id love to know!