April 15, 2010

Thursday, in a nut shell.

This morning I got up extra early so that I could meet with my PR teacher about a paper we had due today. I got to her office a little earlier then she did, so I went and hung out on the balcony near her office for a few.

After class I headed down to Ahwatukee (since my last class got cancelled) and enjoyed a nice lunch with Scott at Hillside Spot.

While waiting for our food....

When I ordered this, I didn't imagine it to be this big (their food usually comes in smaller portions, hence the extra fries I ordered). Neither Scott nor I ended up finishing our food, but did enjoy what we ate.

Since lunchtime Scott has been hard at work on a speech he's presented on supporting local businesses tomorrow in his communication class. I did however snag him away for a few quick minutes to take his picture (of his new do), and maybe have him take one of me as well....

Short hair!

Scott went and got his haircut by Erika at Grooming Humans, on the suggestion from the lovely Danielle. His hair looks great and he's really happy with it!

Ok, time to find something for dinner (or maybe brinner?).

-Chels xoxo


  1. you look super cute today in your green dress and oxfords and i really dig scotts new 'do!

  2. YUM!!! That sandwich is making me soooo hungry!! :P

  3. that food looks incredible!

  4. i LOVE your dress!
    also...what are you making?!

  5. I LoVe Erika!! And I am now loving your blog, you kids eat the best looking foods...makes me miss PHX. Happy Weekend!

  6. Am loving the hair!!! how awesome! it looks fantastic am glad scott loves it, a good change always makes evryone happy♥

  7. his hair is FANTASTIC and you are gorgeous in that shade :)

  8. Ooh his hair looks gooood! And that dress is fab, where'd you get it?

  9. his hair looks really spiffy, and you are so adorablee!! I love the color of your dress. so cute.