April 13, 2010

Tuesday woes.

Today my day was consumed by school, but what else can a girl expect for this time of year.

Scott and I did have some time after I got off of school to walk to the post office so that I could send off a few packages. Our walk turned into an impromptu "What I Wore Today" photo-shoot (ok, maybe not that impromptu:

Chelsea is wearing:

Shirt- American Apparel
Necklace- Tiffany &Co. enamel key
Skirt- H&M
Leggings- Old Navy (it was windy today!)
Shoes- Minnetonkas (for walking to the post office, was wearing black flats)

Scott's is wearing:

Flannel- Target
Helm necklace- Dolly and Boy Jewelry
Shorts- Levi's
Sandals- Rainbows

After we got back from the post office we continued to do homework (sooo much) and listened to Perishing by Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin on vinyl.

Later we took a break and went to Burrito Co. to have dinner.

I had a veggie mixto burrito, he had carnita tacos (and lots of chips!).

Tomorrow will be just as busy with school, but I'm hoping to get a few minutes of fun in as well (maybe a bike ride?).

Hope everyone had a lovely day.

-Chels xoxo

PS This is how I started my morning:
How did you start yours?


  1. Oh Darling am loving your outfit pics they are so comfy and look amazing!
    Am loving your shoes they are very comfy and they look
    Earth friendly hahaha!
    You’re a vegetarian right? So am I , I was really thinking of going vegan and I did try but I have such a hart time going out and not finding vegan cookies and cupcakes in my local cafes hahahaha!

    Scott’s look is very casual and great and I love Target!!!!! And boy those he know hoe to strike a pose hahahaha!
    oh darling I hope everything goes well and yes life is hectic but thanks for sharing

  2. Is that a pastel purple nail polish? Maybe it's just the light. But I'd love to know where it's from if it is!

  3. The girl- thanks girl! That's so sweet of you :)

    Diana- thanks for the sweet comment! I can't say that I'm official veg, but I do go back and forth :/ Hope you're having a great day!

    Caiti- yes it is! It's lilacism by Essie and I got it in a spring collection pack from Ulta. You could probably find it on Amazon though :)

  4. Oh Chelsea! you are just the most adorable! I like your idea that you left over at Miss Chelsea's blog about the coffee... Im working on that right now infact! Thank you!! If you want to check it out, drop me a line, Id love to show you as you are the inspiration behind it. Oh fun.

    <3 Tillie

  5. Tillie- I'm so glad that you liked my idea! I would love to see the finished product! I can email you, or you can email me at creativechelsea@yahoo.com

    PS Love your blog<3

    Katrina- Haha I know, he's so silly!

  6. Thanks! I'll have to check it out.

  7. haha! i love how he copies your poses. [: so sweet.
    also love that tie-dye steering wheel cover. so much.

    your blog is really great. keep it up!!!