April 18, 2010

Weekend re-cap + Record Store Day!

Oh man, I haven't blogged since Thursday? So sorry lovely blog friends, but I've been quite busy! To start off, remember how I asked what we should have for dinner on Thursday? Well, we ended up going to this cute Italian restaurant and shared an amazing salad and pizza pie!

Anyways, Friday was a very busy day! Scott presented his speech that morning, and since he was feeling so relieved we ran a bunch of (fun) errands that we hadn't been able to during the week. The first stop on our list was Urban Outfitters so that I could pick up a new pair of pants (ankle cigarette jeans<3).>

Sad that my cappuccino is all gone!

Next on our list was Levi's where we both ended up getting a pair of jeans (yay). After Levi's was Home Depot so that Scott could pick up a few things for his next wood-working project. Next I had to do an interview in Gilbert so Scott came along and waited while I chatted with a few police officers (for my next article!). After my interview we decided to treat ourself to a lovely dinner at Liberty Market:

Liberty Minestrone and sweet potato salad + the best chicken sandwich and sweet potato salad!

After dinner we went back to Home Depot to pick up some wood that Scott wasn't able to pick up before we had to head to my interview, and finally ended our night by going to see a movie at Tempe Marketplace.

Saturday was Record Store Day and Scott and I celebrated by going to Stinkweeds and Zia!

Hanging out in the parking lot at Zia.

Eating super yummy pasta and potato salads.

Fun times at Stinkweeds (free food, music, and cute people).

We also went into Stinkweeds' neighbor Smeeks to admire all the pretty candy.

All we ended up with from Smeeks was a bottled lemonade, but good one for that.

The rest of the day was spent looking through more records at Zia's Record Store, rummaging around through multiple vintage stores in Phoenix, and eating a lovely dinner at Sapna!

(Scott's pasta was still on its way haha)

Ok, time to get back to homework. Will show what we picked up at Record Store Day in a bit.
-Chels xoxo


  1. All your meals look delicious!! The sweet potato salad sounds amazing, too!

    I'm glad you had time to run fun errands and had a lovely weekend!

  2. Stephanie- Thanks girl! The salad is so one of my favorites! Hope you had a good weekend as well! PS I have a package all ready to be sent your way tomorrow :]

  3. aw you two are seriously THE CUTEST!!
    and i love all your yummy food! mm so delicious! i'm jealous! haha!
    hooray for record store day!! i loved it!!

  4. Have you ever had Lola Coffee? It's on 3rd Ave and Roosevelt and it is AMAZING. Best iced soy latte I've ever had.

  5. Chelsea- Thanks love! We try and eat well :] Hope you had a good record store day! :]

    Kristy- Yes, I've been to Lola and love it! It's actually down the street from my school (Walter Cronkite School for Journalism and Mass Communication). Oh, and it's nice to meet you! What part of AZ do you live in? :]

  6. I actually lived on 3rd Ave and McKinley... 1 block from where Lola is and where Palette used to be. :) But, now I live in Minnesota. Nice to meet you, too!

  7. I am so sad I missed out on Record Store Day. I was going to go to Hoodlums. Did you see the Liberty Market bathrooms? Each stall is awesome!

  8. Kristy- Really? Oh I love that area! I want to move into the apartments (Gold Spot I believe they are called) that are right next to Lola. Did you know that they are opening a Pita Jungle on the corner next to Lola?

    Michelle- Hoodlums is the best! I used to go there all the time when it was in the basement of the MU at ASU! I still go there sometimes when I'm at Changing Hands. Oh, and yes the bathrooms are great! It would be a lie if I said I haven't looked in each and everyone to check out the themes haha

  9. Yes, I saw that and was seriously disappointed, haha. I love Pita Jungle and why does it have to be there once we move?? ;) If you ever are looking for a place to live, you should look at the historic houses near 7th street and Mcdowell... I have friends that rent one and it is seriously adorable - tiny and charming.

  10. Kristy- I love that area, and plan on moving down there (hopefully) within the next year, to a year and a half. I completely agree on the charming aspect of the area as well, I'm kind of in love with it (makes me feel like I'm not even in Phoenix). How long ago did you move?