April 12, 2010

What I Wore Today - 4-12-2010!

Today I decided I would do a little "What I Wore Today" post, just for fun.

Striped shirt- H&M
Jeans- Forever 21
Oxfords- Steve Madden

Scott also played along (I may have made him<3):

Shirt- H&M
Helm necklace- Dolly and Boy Jewelry
Jeans- Levi's
Shoes- none (silly guy)

Hope everyone is having a lovely evening!

-Chels xoxo

PS A vegan cookie and hot drip coffee kept me going this afternooon<3


  1. oh chelsea you are the cutest!!
    i love your outfit!! stripes are my favorite. and i am loving your shoes!!
    plus that cookie looks so delicious!

  2. jeez you two are adorable... i need to figure out how to wrench my beau into doing some outfit posts. love stripes.

  3. Chelsea- Thank you so much! I love stripes a well :]

    Katie-Thanks girl! Hope you get him to take some asap! :]

    Jennifer- Me too!

  4. Your shoes mmmm AND the stripes. Love. xo

  5. You two are quite the cute indie couple. I really like your shirt too, and not only because it came from h&m [my favorite!]

    the nautical style is coming back!

  6. Emily Anne- Thanks love! I LOVE my oxfords! :]

    Caroline- Thank you for the sweet comment. We really love H&M as well! Oh, and I'm so excited about the nautical themed coming back into style. Love it so much!

    Ali- Thank you :]