May 27, 2010

An afternoon at the peach farm.

Last week Scott and I took a trip to a peach farm in Queen Creek, Arizona. We went with the sole intentions of picking peaches, but ended up getting a bit side tracked by all the other amazing things that were on the farm.

We hung out with peacocks:

Took pictures of a pretty (and old) carousel:

Admired the beautiful sunflowers:

And then there was the peaches...

We spent about 30 minutes roaming around the peach trees picking out the perfect peaches, and taking photographs.

If you ever have the chance to go peach picking, or any kind of fruit picking, I highly suggest doing so. Just don't forget the water, sunscreen, and camera.

Be back later with photos from today.
-Chels xoxo


  1. Wow, it looks gorgeous there!

  2. Karlie- It SO was! It was the cutest little farm :]

  3. I live across the street from strawberry fields and some peach groves (is that what you call rows of peach trees?!) That is what's so cool about the NW - mini farms all throughout the cities! I sure miss AZ fruit though!

  4. Looks like an amazing day you shared together! Those peaches look yummy!

  5. my neighbors have pet peacocks! ha.
    and i absolutely love peaches.
    they're my fave!


  6. I need to get out that way and scoop up some yummy peaches. It looks like you two thoroughly enjoyed yourselves.

  7. Hey Chelsea! So glad to see another AZ girl is taking the Summer Camp class! I'm from Chandler! :)

  8. oh my! I LOVE peacocks! haha too cute<3

  9. I would absolutely LOVE to have a photoshoot on that antique carousel. What a fun day!

  10. these photos are lovely! fruit picking IS really fun, esp. with fruit you can snack on immediately such as peaches, strawberries and apples. :]
    - L

  11. Suki- What part of the NW do you live in? My mom grew up outside of Seattle and always talks about picking blackberries and strawberries there in the summer :]

    Michelle- Thank you! It was a very nice day :]

    Lydia- pet peacocks? How fun! Oh, and peaches are my fav as well!

    Rikki- You so should! Do I hear vegan peach muffins? I think I do! :]

    Carrie- Nice to meet you! I'm super excited about the class! It's the first I've taken from RVA. Have you taken any other classes from them?

    Vanny- I love them too! Scott thought they were funny :]

    Liz- So would I! It was dreamy :]

    Lauren- I love picking fruit! Although I have to say cherry picking is my favorite, as they are the easiest to eat while out picking haha