May 17, 2010

The Artist in the Office book review

The other day I was in Barnes and Noble perusing the craft section and spotted this adorable book:

I immediately grabbed it, and sat down, feeling compelled to read through the whole thing.

This darling book entitled The Artist in the Office by Summer Pierre has great examples of corporate office situations, and how to turn them into an enjoyable experiences for all the artists out there that are still having to work a nine to five corporate job.

The book also includes cute prompts that challenge you to bring your artistic eye into your work atmosphere, and to also keep your creative mind going throughout the day.

The book is filled with reader friendly material, and has great graphics/sketches throughout it's entirety.

For anyone who feels like they're struggling to keep their creative mind going while working in a corporate job situation, I highly suggest this book as a source of inspiration.

Well, I hope you all enjoyed this little review, it's just a small step in the new direction that I'm working on taking the Tea Talk blog in. If you know of any other cute books that you think a review is in order for I would definitely appreciate suggestions.

Hope everyone has a lovely day!
-Chels xoxo

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  1. this book looks awesome.
    i know quite a few artists in the office. definitely will check it out.

  2. sounds like a good book, but I doubt I could bring anything creative to dealing blackjack. There is no hope for me :(

  3. Oh thats such a cute book.


  4. ohhh i'm going to have to check this out! thank you!

  5. ha, i saw that book too! I couldn't help but look through it and fall in love with every lil cute thing.

  6. I NEED this book. Thanks, Chels!

  7. three words: i. need. this. book.

    hmm thats four but anyways im sure itll offer some much better office coping strategies than the ones im dealing with now. i wonder if there are tips for dealing with an office full of hungarians... since somehow the only job i could find in budapest landed me in an office.