May 3, 2010

Birthday day!

First off, I wanted to start by saying thank you SO much to everyone that wished me happy birthday and well wishes yesterday. You guys have NO idea how much each and every comment made my day. Thank you all so, so much! I seriously have THE best readers<3

Anyways, my special day started off in Cottonwood, Arizona with my parents. We had mint chocolate chip ice cream cake (my absolute favorite), and took cute pictures with my new Fuji Instax.

Later on in the afternoon I was back in Phoenix with my grandma and Scott. Scott came over to my house and gave me the sweetest birthday presents any girl could ever hope for. Among them was this lovely bell jar:

I've been wanted a bell jar for awhile now, mostly for the symbolic meaning that goes along with them i.e. with reference to Sylvia Plath, and Scott was lucky enough to find one. Thank you so much honey!

He also bought me beautiful flowers from my favorite florist in town (Watson's).

The mother of all gifts though was this beautiful antique Underwood typewriter. I've been wanting one for years and Scott completely surprised me with it. Apparently he's had it for awhile now, and picked it up at a antique store a few weeks ago. He certainly did his research on this one and picked me out THE best typewriter (literally, it's the Cadillac of typewriters, and you can still buy ink strips for it). I am so, so thankful for my beautiful typewriter, and so excited to writer numerous letters on it!

Later that evening Scott, my grandma, and I went out to dinner at Liberty Market in Gilbert. It was my grandma's first time there and she definitely loved it.

All in all, my birthday was wonderful and I appreciate each and everyone that wished me happy birthday, and that was involved in my special day.

Ok, back resting and watching The Real Housewives of NJ!



  1. awwww! sounds like you had a marvelous day! welcome to the beginning of your mid twenties! :) :)

  2. I'm glad you had a good birthday!!

    And I'm so glad someone else likes the Real Housewives! I always feel so guilty watching it, haha.

  3. Eeeeee, that typewriter and bell jar are precious!!! What a great boy :) Happy birthday again - looks like it was wonderful!!

    Text me about coffee plans! Just took my last final, so I'm home freeee.

  4. Danielle- thanks girl :)

    Liz- agreed :)

    Nikki-Thank you so much :) you for sure aided in that! Oh, and don't feel bad, I love all those Bravo reality shows haha

    Kara- I know, Scotts such a thoughtful guy! And yes, let's make plans soon for coffee. Maybe Friday or Saturday?

  5. that looks like such a lovely day!! and lucky you getting a typewriter that still works and that they still sell ink ribbons for...i have a pretty cute one but alas, it doesn't work :( one day i hope to have a working one!

    i have to ask, what is in those drinks? it can't just be i thought i'd ask?? reminds of a tapioca or something maybe??

    ps: i love the real housewives show too. i hate to admit that but they are just so good! haha

  6. so glad you had a good birthday!
    your cake sounds delicious!

  7. It looks delicious ! and i love glass bells

  8. Everything looks great! I'm glad you had a great birthday

  9. i know this is way late, but happy birthday!

    looks like it was an awesome one. so jealous of your typewriter! and the bell jar is a really sweet gift--i like that it has so much personal meaning to you.

  10. Happy late bday! :) Mine was on the 4th!