May 24, 2010

Canon AE-1 Love!

A few weeks ago Scott bought a Canon AE-1 (film camera) from a thrift store for $20. We decided to take it to our local camera shop and had them take a look at it to make sure everything worked properly. After only a few minutes at the shop we were informed that it is in great condition and that it's a great camera.

Pictured on the left next to the Fuji Instax, my large iced americano, and my BBerry + an instax on top of it.

This past week we took a few photos with the Canon during our daily outings. The results:

Taken by a sweet older lady who called us a "lovely couple".

A shot I took of Scott while waiting for out food at Wildflower Bread Co. This is actually my favorite shot from the role, although I think it looks a bit grainy from the scanner transfer.

A book that Scott cut a hole through. He's planning on using it as a planter for a mini-cactus he has.

Iced tea and a cute list that my sweetie made of the things we needed to complete that week (with pictures!):

Do any of you use film cameras? If so, what types do you use? Do you prefer film or digital cameras, and why?

Time for crafty stuff!
-Chels xoxo


  1. LOVE those photosss!! i have a polaroid camera, but you can't buy 600 film anymore so it's pretty useless. :)

  2. Did you go to the peach Festival at Schnepf Farms? I was there last weekend!
    And what a wonderful idea for the holey book!

  3. I have a polaroid which I'm planning on buying film for once The Impossible Project can ship at a normal price to Canada.

    I also have a film fisheye camera from Urban Outfitters which I use! :)

    I like both types equally. I love old photos especially. The look and feel. Ugh.

  4. Danielle- Thank you so much!! :] I have a polaroid too that I sadly can't find film for either. Oh I hope they really start producing it again!

    Erica- We went last Wednesday just for fun :] Thanks!

    Wallflower- I love polaroids, and fisheye lomos! I had a fisheye once, but it was stolen. Oh, and I love old looking photos as well :]

    Danielle- Thank you SO much :]

  5. These are wonderful!
    I have a Nikon N65 but my dad got rid of my Nikon D40 that had my lenses with it so sadly I don't have a lens for my camera so I can't use it lol. I also have a polaroid. :)

  6. Jazmyn- I hope you get lenses for your beautiful camera asap! :]

  7. I have a bunch of film cameras (tons of functional vintage Kodak Brownies, a Holga, a Smena 8M, a ColorSplash, a Diana Mini, two different types of Polaroid cameras, a Pentax Pen EE, etc) but I've always wanted a Canon AE-1. If you ever see one again in the $20 range like these, I'd love it if you would let me know! I've never found a deal like that & your photos turned out wonderfully. <333

  8. I love the photos! I've been wanting to get a film camera for summer, and your post inspired me to go look for one :)

  9. Cara-Mia- You have a working Brownie, Holga, and a Diana mini? Wow, how neat! Are all of them vintage? How did you find them all? Oh, and I will for sure let you know! Occasionally we run across nice film cameras at our local Goodwills. If I see one I'll get it for you :]

    Casey- YAY I'm so glad that you liked them, and I'm glad I inspired you :]

  10. I use a Holga, and I LOVE IT!!!!!! it does take a few rolls to figure out what works best for you because it is a toy camera, but thats what makes the pictures come out so unique.

  11. My Brownies are all vintage (I have quite a few) & I got most of them on eBay in the early 2000s, before everyone seemed to really want them so they were dirt cheap. I bought my Holga in 2003 or so, when they were also much cheaper than they are now, and I bought my Diana Mini this year. (I think with my next package I'll send you photographs!)

    Anyway, if you could keep an eye out for me on the Canon AE-1 that would be fantastic. (I'd of course send you money to cover the camera + shipping.) Thanks, dear!

  12. $20?! What a great deal! That's a fantastic camera! Love the shots you took. The one of the two of you together is especially sweet :)

  13. Katie- Oh I love everything about Holgas! I seriously need to get one of my own! Glad that you enjoy yours :]

    Cara-Mia- Sounds like you have quite the amazing camera collection! Oh, and promise to continue to keep my eye out for you :]

    Jeni- Thank you so much! I really love that photo as well :]

  14. That white Fugi camera looks edible.
    Craigslist usually has a hand full of old FD lenses too. Ya gotta scrap that 50mm one!