May 23, 2010

Downtown Phoenix Saturday Farmer's Market.

Last Saturday I stopped by the Farmer's Market in downtown Phoenix while on my way to get coffee at Lola. This quick stop was definitely worth the extra time before my caffeine fix.

I first strolled around the walkways, some covered as to not burn us all from the hot Arizona sun, that lined the booths:

After my second loop around I spotted this cute booth that was selling boba tea, so I decided to splurge and get one before my coffee:

The lady at the booth told me that it was an english breakfast tea with hints of vanilla and cinnamon. Mmmm. Oh, and the boba was different colors so that was fun.

After I got my tea I sat down in front of the Phoenix Public Market and took in the view:

Did I mention that I was wearing this pretty headband that I bought at Second Friday's in downtown Mesa and an older lady stopped me so that she could look at it and figure out how she could make her own (she was a knitter too!).

If you live in the Phoenix area I highly suggest stopping by the Downtown Phoenix Saturday Public Market. They have tons of booths with everything from fresh veggies, to handmade crafts. Most of the booths are even set in a covered area so that you can shop and not be burned by the sun. Also, while you're down there don't forget to pick up a latte from Royal at the Market, which is located just inside the Phoenix Public Market. Their coffee is seriously the best!

Time for sleep? Maybe!
-Chels xoxo


  1. i love morning markets! looks like a lovely day

  2. love the headband! :) so pretty! x

  3. omg chelseabirdd!! my care package made my life!! you are the greatest penpal ever! i am still so smiley about it! love the headband in your pic it's so adorable and that boba looks soo goood! i can't wait to go to these dt phx markets! how long are you in colorado? how fun!?! have a great summer vacay girl,you deserve it! happy summer!

  4. love your headband, its lovely!

    love missy

  5. love your headband!
    i've been wanting one, but it is hard to find a decently priced one on etsy!

  6. I love going to farmer's markets! They always have the neatest things. That headband is adorable!

  7. Jazmyn- Oh they have tons of different colors! I want to try rainbow boba next!

    Alyssa- So do I! It was such a nice morning :]

    Samboy- Thanks girl!

    Courtney- YAY I'm so glad that you got it and liked everything! I'm actually going to be here the whole summer, and will be back in PHX in August! Can't wait to meet you! :]

    Missy- Thank you :]

    Katrina- I completely feel your pain. I always want to buy cute headbands on Etsy, but just can't (won't) pay for what most of them are asking. I got this one for $13, which was a bit much in my opinion, but I really like it!

    Jada- I love Farmer's Markets as well! They always have such amazing fruit :]

  8. I still haven't made it over to the downtown Phoenix farmer's market, but now I have to. Thanks for posting photos- that boba tea looks so tasty. I usually go to the farmers market on Cactus and like the 51, but have been looking to switch it up. Plus I've heard about some great lunches spots on that side of town, any recommendations?