May 10, 2010

A few happy thoughts for the weekend....

My weekend started off like this:

In the corner of the Cronkite school's quite room with coffee and my Marc.

My afternoon was pretty quite, but once 5'oclock came around Scott and I were back in downtown Phoenix and ready to get our First Friday on!

We had dinner a new restaurant called Verde. For all of you Phoenicians, you may remember that the building that Verde now sits in was once the Oneplace (where Scott played many, many shows).

After dinner we headed down to Roosevelt. We passed by this neat abandoned building that has a neat glass window (perfect for picture taking).

Our first stop of the night was Butter Toast Boutique!

Scott really loved some of the vintage shirts there. He was modeling one for me:

Later on in the evening we had ice cream from Sweet Republic. This little ice cream shop is set in a VW bus, and was even mentioned in Bon Appetit Magazine!

I had salted caramel, and Scott had "bacon" ice cream.

We ended our night with a trip to the top of a parking garage so that we could take a few city skyline shots (the instax photos turned out better).

Saturday Scott and I spent the night studying, and doing homework. We were both feeling stressed, and had to opt out of going to the Butter Toast Boutique grand opening (we will be going back asap though).

Sunday Scott and I had a lovely Mother's Day evening with my grandma. We went shopping, and ate at one of our favorite restaurants (Liberty Market) per grandma's request.

Ok, back to homework I go!
-Chels xoxo


  1. Ah love that little ice cream bus! What a cute idea! :)

  2. that is the most gorgeous bag i've ever seen!

  3. Chels, what band was Scott in? My ex boyfriend ran the oneplace venue and I was wondering why Scott looked so familiar in the photos..

    Also, I went to Liberty Market for the first time on Saturday, and LOVED it.. so I took my mom there today for a late Mother's day.. I even drew in some of the books!


  4. Cara-Mia-The bus is seriously so cute! I want one of my own! Ice cream all the time haha :)

    Ilse- Thank you<3

    Kevi- Scott was in a band called Brailen that was around around in '07. The singer from that band is now in a new band called Reece (Justin).

    Was your ex Josh Niles, or Matt Grabe? We've probably been around each other and didn't even know it :)

    Oh, and I'm so glad you liked Liberty Market and took your mom there :) I hope she had a nice Mother's Day :)

  5. You have such pretty hair!!!

  6. I dated Josh Niles for 2 years when he was in goodbyetomorrow (i even got to tour with them! that was the best experience of my life). After we broke up, he started oneplace as a venue, but we are still really good friends so I would visit him there a lot :) That is too funny, we probably stood right next to each other at one point.

  7. Kevi- So I just told Scott about your comment and he and I both remember meeting you one night (at least) back by the sound booth. How strange/awesome!

    Hey, if you have facebook or twitter we should be friends on there: Chelsea Brown and Chelseabird .

    Oh, and we should have coffee together sometime :]