May 7, 2010

& in the morn' work takes her to Maine...

This morning I got up extra early (5:45 a.m) and drove down to Phoenix to take a test for my Media Law class. Before started my test though I stopped by Lola Coffee for a large iced americano to jump start my morning. I have to say though, it felt nice to get up extra early and already be downtown before the morning rush.

I know I said the next time I would be back it would be with something cute, but since I'm on school computers and don't have access to pictures from the last few days, I took these photos on the huge Mac screens here and put together a little collage for you:

Tonight Scott and I are going to First Friday's in downtown Phoenix and I couldn't be more excited. I'm pretty sure we'll stick around Grand Ave., but probably stop by Roosevelt as well (where I hope to pick up a yummy dessert from Tammie Coe Cakes).

Ok, be back later with an inspirational post.
-Chels xoxo


  1. I still need to try Lola, it's right down the street from where I live!

    I wish I was able to walk around for once on FF, but I am always scheduled to work because we get a good FF crowd.
    Have a good time!

  2. Kevi- You should go there ASAP! Their drinks are seriously so good! Oh, and can I ask where you work? I'm gonna be down in PHX tonight, so maybe my bf and I can stop by :]

  3. Friday Fridays are always fun! I just found out that a nearby town does second finds, so I guess this means my first two fridays of every month are tied up for here on out!

  4. Mmmm. I could definitely go for some Lola right now. Stop by Merry May Handmade if you get the chance!

  5. Chaucee- Nice to meet you girl! Your blog is super cute :] Oh, and that's so neat about your doing second friday's! My town does third Friday's, which is kind of neat, but not as big as first Friday's!

    Ashley- Mmm Lola is the best! We will for sure stop by and say hi tonight :]

  6. Have fun tonight! Maybe I'll see you out there:)