May 21, 2010

In Transit, Part 1.

This weekend I will be making the big transition from my lovely home in Arizona, to spending the summer in Colorado.

The trip will roughly take me six hours, eight hundred'ish miles, two airplanes, and three different airplanes.

Once in Colorado I will be sharing many photos, stories, and crafting things with all you.

Ok, time to pack.
PS Don't forget to enter the awesome We Love Colors giveaway on my blog! They are giving away a pair of peach footless tights to one of my lucky readers! Winner will be chosen tomorrow!


  1. Wow, how long will you be in Colorado? Is Scott going, too?

    Good luck!

  2. Cara-Mia- I will be in Colorado until early August, and unfortunately Scott isn't coming with, but he will be visiting :) We've done this every summer for the last almost four years so we're old pros by now haha Thank you<3

  3. Ooh okay, well at least you know the drill. :) Colorado is beautiful, we have relatives there. Have fun!

  4. ...oh how I loathe packing...and unpacking..

    have a safe trip! make packing fun [if possible] and have as many adventures as you can!