May 26, 2010

It's the little things in life...

Today I was searching through some photographs that were taking during the last month or so and stumbled upon a few particular photos that really made me think, "wow, it's really the little things in life that make you most happy". So here is a little post dedicated to the little things that have made me happy lately.

Eating waffles in celebration of Syttende Mai (Norwegian Independence Day).

Morning coffee with my love while.

Frozen yogurt (for lunch) from Yogurtland.

Coffee dates at Cartel Coffee Lab with my love.

Lastly, finding extra secrets in PostSecret books at the bookstore.

What are some of the little things that have been making you happy lately?

Ok, off the computer for a good nights rest. Sleep well fellow bloggers.
-Chels xoxo


  1. i love that summer is finally here! :) i can't wait until the 4th of july, it's my favorite.

    my absolute favorite is waking up to my best friend everyday. :) being married is wonderful.

  2. Omg that yogurt looks AMAZING. Must have. Also, I'm jealous you found extra secrets! I always wish to find them when I look through those books too :)

  3. these look amazing!! they seem so healthy and delivious and wholesome.. :)
    great blog btw!!

  4. Biscuit- I LOVED you answers! Makes me even more excited to be married to Scott one day :] <3

    Liz- Yogurtland is amazing! I highly suggest trying their froyo if you ever get a chance. Also, I hope you find one someday! I've seen two or three extra secrets over the years, but they are also few and far between. Many people don't have that kind of courage. I really admire the ones that do though :]

  5. Page- Thank you so much for your kind words :] Glad that you enjoy my blog<3

  6. An extra secret! That is amazing!
    Cuteee pictures. :]

  7. that waffle looks amazing. and i want to go to yogurtland so bad!