May 16, 2010

Kartchner Caverns/Tucson Part 2!

Ok, I'm back with part two of our trip! So after we left the caverns we went down town to Benson to visit a cousin of Scott's, and then a little while we headed back to Tucson for an afternoon on the town.

Once we arrived in Tucson we got off on Congress and headed downtown, in much traffic to our dismay:

After a bit of driving though we parked and took a nice walk down to the Hotel Congress:

We stopped in the hotel for a few just to look inside, and look at the menu for the restaurant. After deciding that we would rather eat at Choice Greens, a suggest from the lovely Jenn Enders, we walked back to the car, got stuck in more traffic, and finally made it to Choice.

After pondering the menu for what seemed forever Scott and I both decided on sandwiches, and pasta salad:

His a barbecued chicken panini,

and mine veggie!

After lunch we drove around the downtown college area a bit, and ended up at Avenue Coffee for a much needed pick-me-up:

Avenue Coffee serves Cartel Coffee Lab's beans and Scott and I both agree that they certainly do them justice.

While at Avenue I decided that a trip to a local favorite, Eegee's was a must. Eeegee's has these amazing icees that are perfect on any hot spring or summer day:

Scott got the special of the month, orange dream, and I got lemon.

After we at our fill of eegee's we headed back to the college area for a few. I actually didn't end up taking any pictures while we were down there, but I did spot this funny sign on the way:

Scott and I both agree that this place looks like a porn shop. I'll let you decide for yourself.

After looking around we decided to head back down to Phoenix:

Overall our trip was really great, and resfreshing! Just what we needed after a busy school year. If any of you lovely bloggers ever have a chance to visit the caverns, or Tucson, I highly suggest that you go.

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-Chels xoxo


  1. looks like a fun adventure! :D


  2. Haha, oh that sign definitely makes it look like a porn shop! Muffin Mondays?! 2 Punch Tuesdays?! Goodness...they should have someone proof the info before it goes up!

    Those slushees sound super yummy!!

  3. ooh looks like you guys have been having fun! haha and that definitely looks like a porn shop. oh my.
    Eeegee's looks so yummy! :]

  4. mmm love Eegee's! I used to get half lemon half strawberry. SO good on a hot hot day. Hoping to move back to Tucson this summer and that will be one of my first stops!

  5. I looooove Eegee's! It's so so yummy. I'm wondering why Phoenix doesn't have one yet?

    That's definitely a porn shop, lol. And Tucson is adorable!

  6. Love how you can spy the Eegees sign in the last picture of your beau :) love Avenue !!