May 31, 2010

Ode to my former bangs.

On my last blog post I received a lot of really sweet comments about my former bangs. Since I've been going through loads of old photos I decided I would share a few more of my former bangs (juts for fun!).

Swiped to the side.

In a quaint restaurant, and when I saw quaint I mean extremely tiny, in London.

To the side again.

Full on, on Valentines Day.

A particular day that I really liked how they looked (not piecey).

Swiped to the side again, and getting longer.

I've considered cutting them back for ages, but my thin hair has always made me think twice. Maybe this summer I'll take the plunge and cut them back. Opinions?

Hope everyone had a lovely Memorial Day!
-Chels xoxo


  1. i think you look so sweet with bangs!

  2. first and last photos are my faaaave of you.
    have you thought about getting them again?
    you have the best hair! and i gotta ask, since i've never seen roots and you have light eyebrows, is your hair naturally that colour or do you get it coloured??

  3. so cute! i think you should do it!

  4. You should cut your bangs.
    I have reeeally thin hair too, but it's an advantage when it comes to curling it. :D

  5. i think they are cute!
    you should totally do it!

  6. I love the bangs! =D
    I have the opposite problem...i have too much hair!!


  7. I say go for it! & like someone above me said, the first & last photos are my absolute fave! :)

  8. I freaking love that last photo... I feel like I have been there? Or maybe all rusty trailers look the same :)
    I also love the first one... Blah! it's not fair when a girl looks pretty with any style.. I was unfortunately blessed with a round-wide face, so I don't have many bang options.

  9. I enjoy the long, side swept bangs on you. I know how you feel though. I have such a love-hate relationship with bangs.

  10. Adorable girl, you should really consider getting the bangs again!

  11. Chelsey- Thanks girl! That means a lot coming from another Chelsey(a) :]

    Carly- Wellll haha my hair isn't as light as it used to be (my hair was WHITE when I was younger), so yes I do lighten my hair (my mom is a hairdresser and she does it). :]

    Liz- Thank you! I will definitely be cutting them shorter soon :]

    Wallflower- Your hair curls? Lucky! Mine does NOT hold a curl haha

    Katrina- Awwh thanks girl!

    Jessica- Lucky! I wish I had more hair haha

    Cara-Mia- Thanks girl :]

    Kevi- Maybe you have been! It's in Eagle, Colorado! Oh, and you're so silly, I bet your hair would look SO cute anyway you fix it girl :] <33

    Stars- Thank you for the suggestion girl :]

    Jada- Thank you love! I really want to :]

  12. Ooh I LOVE the bangs!! They look great on you! I vote for bangs again :)

  13. Cut them! They look adorable on you!

  14. i LOVE them straight across on you!