May 27, 2010

We Love Colors Footless Tights Review!

Hey there everyone! Today I'm here to tell you all about these amazing light grey footless tights that I recently received from We Love Colors.

These awesome footless tights are my second pair (the first being an amazing pair of teal tights that I mentioned here) and I am certainly in no way disappointed. We Love Colors makes great quality tights that you never have to be worried about ripping/running (these tights are seriously super durable and will last forever), and the colors/patterns are absolutely stunning and true to their said color. Did I mention that their shipping is always super quick!

The splash color socks that I received in my We Love Colors package were an extra surprise that Scott and I loved and would recommend to anyone for an added fun splash of color to any daily outfit.

Recently Scott and I took a trip to a peach farm and I decided that this would be the perfect place to wear my new light grey footless tights, as I feel that they went great with my summer romper.

The tights ended up being a personal hit, as well with Scott, and complimented my outfit great by letting me wear a romper to keep me cool from the hot Arizona sun, but by also giving me that extra coverage I needed with the romper shorts.

For anyone that is considering purchasing tights, or any other products from We Love Colors I would highly suggest doing so. We Love Colors is a great company with friendly employees, quality products, and also one that has a great love for their customers. Each week We Love Colors gives away free pairs of shoelaces on their Twitter page, and occasionally gives away free pairs of tights as well. If you're on Twitter I would highly suggest following them.

I also wanted to say thank you again to Cara at We Love Colors for being so generous to the Teal Talk blog and offering me such a great opportunity to work with We Love Colors. It's honestly been a blessing and I hope you all go out and check out their website, Twitter page, and also Facebook page as well and purchase lots of cute tights!

Remember, tights are ALWAYS in!

Have a great Thursday night loves!
-Chels xoxo


  1. thanks for visitng my blog!
    your post is making me want to go cherry picking or apple picking or strawberry picking :)

  2. i already have like 8 pairs of we love colors tights. they are my absolute favorite. i kinda wish they weren't so sturdy & reliable so i could ruin the ones i have and buy some more! oh well! :)

  3. Page- Your blog is too cute! Hope you can go fruit picking this summer :]

    Biscuit- I love that you love We Love Colors! Their tights are amazing and I seriously need like ten more pairs :] PS You so should buy a few new pairs. Tell your hubby that they are a must have haha

  4. You have confirmed my curiousity about this site... I may have to order some.

    By the way, I'm a new follower.

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