May 1, 2010

Wednesday's Birthday Dinner.

As mentioned before, tomorrow (Sunday the 2nd) is my 22nd birthday. On Wednesday I had a small dinner with Scott and a few lovely friends to celebrate it.

Before dinner Scott wanted to give me a early birthday present. After a few minutes of saying no, I should wait, I caved and opened the lovely package.

Inside was the most amazing Fuji Instax camera (that I've been wanting FOREVER).

We even took a few pictures that night before the rest of the group got to the restaurant:

So I decided to have my dinner at this cute little Italian (veggie friendly) restaurant in downtown Phoenix call Cibo. Scott and I have drove by this cute little house restuarant numerous times over the years, but just never given it a try. For my dinner I wanted to try somewhere new, since my regular birthday dinner restaurant has changed owners and is not the same, so Cibo seemed like a perfect place.

On the way to dinner.

The cute outside of the restaurant (love that patio).

Super excited!

While waiting for our guests.

Right on the other side of that door is where we sat. It a big table tucked away in one of the little rooms.

We started dinner with two lovely house salads (you can kind of see it behind my water, oh and Gina telling me no pictures haha).

Four our main course we shared two super yummy pizza (both veggie of some sorts). Each pizza was made with fresh ingredients, and wasn't doused with sauce or a ton of cheese. It was love.

Did I mention that I also had THE best dinner guests?

A bit blurry, but Nikki and baby Diella (sorry I didn't get you in there too Raf).

Nikki and I have been friends since junior high, and I am so happy that she and her family came.

Gina and I have been friends since our freshman year in college. I seriously treasure my friendship with this girl so much. Even though our busy schedules keep us a part at times, I'm always super happy to see her and chat about our lives, boyfriends (one day fiances), and knitting.<3

I was also so happy that Nikki and Raf brought along baby Diella. She's just the sweetest little girl, and Scott and I love playing with her so much (she was trying real hard to opened this locked door behind Scott' seat).

Did I mention that I had the best date that night?

Well I certainly did! Scott and I have celebrated every birthday together since we were 18, and I can't wait for all the years to come. PS He's such a great guy for ALWAYS making my birthday special.

Our night ended with a little dessert. Scott surprised me with a sweet crepe that had some type of cheese in it, as well as Nutella and a little ice cream on the side.

Overall, I had such a lovely birthday dinner and I want to thank everyone that came. I love you guys so much, and it means a lot to me that you would want to share in the celebration.

Ok, be back later today with a few odds and ends.

-Chels xoxo


  1. aww, yay! it looks like you had such a nice time.
    happy birthday, girl! :)

  2. happy birthday pretty girl!! you are the proud owner of a fuji...i have the brown one and i love love love it!! congrats :) you're going to have the most fun

    ps: i can never get over how amaaaaazing your hair is!!

  3. Aw happy birthday!!! Looks like you had so much fun. That instant camera is such a good gift!

  4. i go to cibos JUST for the crepes, i'm glad you got one :) happy early birthday!!

  5. Lydia- Thank you so much girl :)

    Carly- Thank you so much for the sweet birthday wishes (and about my hair)<3

    Jada- Thanks girl!

    Sam- The crepe was amazing, and how have we not run into each other yet? Haha

    Amanda- Sorry girl, it was kind of last minute. Love you still<3