June 2, 2010

Cartel Coffee Lab Coffee Giveaway!

This is a giveaway after my own heart- My friends over at Cartel Coffee Lab have graciously offered a bag of their Finca El Retiro coffee beans to one of my lucky readers!

Cartel Coffee Lab is a speciality coffee shop located in Tempe, and in Phoenix, Arizona that takes so much pride in their in-house roasting methods, and also their delicious hand-crafted drinks.

Cartel Coffee Lab is said to have the best cappuccinos in the greater Phoenix area, and I can absolutely vouch for that!

Scott and I are regulars at Cartel Coffee Lab, and absolutely love the atmosphere, friendly staff, and most importantly the coffee there.

The Finca El Retiro is a roast near to my heart, as it's the kind of coffee I always have on hand at home for those mornings that I feel like making a pour-over, or a pot of french press coffee. This coffee is has a nice medium body taste, and will warm you right up on those chilly summer mornings (Am I the only that has chilly mornings still?).

All you have to do enter the giveaway is:
1. Be a Tea Talk follower
2. Tell me about your favorite kind of coffee, or coffee drink
3. Don't forget to leave your email so that I can email you for your address if you win

Also, if you would like to earn an extra entry you can tweet about this giveaway! Be sure to leave a separate comment with the link to your tweet as well.

The giveaway will last one week and will end next Wednesday evening, June 9th, and the winner will be announced the following day, Thursday, June 10th.

Good luck to everyone, and feel free to spread the word.

The Coffee Addicted Chelseabird


  1. Oh wow! What an amazing giveaway! You talk about Cartel Coffee Lab all the time, it'd be nice to get to try it.

    1) I'm a follower, although not on blogger since I don't have one. I follow you on BlogLovin.
    2) This sounds like my kind of coffee because it's medium - not too mild, not too bold.
    3) caramia_t @ hotmail . com

  2. Also, I just retweet your link... don't know how to give you a direct link to that, but it's on my twitter. :)

  3. my name is christen and my favorite is a soy latte over ice. yum!


  4. ahh! the imfamous cartel coffee that you love!
    i have always been so curious on how this coffee is! it must be good!

    i'm a suck for both tea and coffee. i drink them interchangeably. love them both dearly.
    keeping my fingers crossed. i'd love it try it!

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  6. My favorite is a just a really good cup of coffee, black. Or an iced americano if it's hot out.

    ninarucker at gmail dot com

  7. *I'm a follower! =D
    *And I love coffee, I'm not picky at all! But I love vanilla lattes =]
    *And I tweeted your giveaway!

    Hope you're having a blast in CO! =]


  8. I love (and miss) Cartel Coffee. Yes, please. I hope I win!

    My favorite drinks are either an Iced Soy Latte or an Iced Americano.

  9. tweeeeeeeeted.

  10. my favorite drink is a caramel macchiato! yum!

  11. mmmm coffee! I love coffee, the bolder the better! :) My favorite is Pumpkin Latte at Starbucks in the fall...mmmmm. - Colleen



  12. Oooh, coffee...count me in!

    I'm a simple coffee kinda gal - my favorite is iced cafe Americano (=basically watered down espresso).


  13. I love coffee. Normally with just a little cream. I basically drink it all day! =-)


  14. definitely a follower.
    my favorite type of coffee drink is this chai coffee with espresso at a local place.
    mail.dmoser (at) gmail.com

  15. my favorite coffee is:

    in the summer: dark roast iced coffee with cream and sugar

    in the winter: hot hot hot coffee with cream and sugar.

    hahaha i'm really plain about it, but we've only got starbucks around here and i try to avoid them. though, when i do go, i REALLY enjoy their green tea soy lattes!


  16. ooohhh!!! I love this!
    My favorite coffee is an iced americano with a splash of soy.
    cooooffeeeeee, i love coffee :)


  17. oh! of course i am a follower!
    i have been wanting to try this coffee since i first heard you talk about it!
    i love this coffee i get at the local co-op here called 'organic love buzz' it is very yummy!
    but i also love vanilla lattes from just about anywhere (as long as the taste is more coffee and less vanilla).

    katrinamblair (at) gmail (dot) com

  18. My favourite coffee is one that's iced. I haven't come across an iced coffee I didn't enjoy. Though, I will never turn down a hot cup of coffee either.
    Email - starsrockets@gmail.com

  19. mmmmm--yes please!!

    My favorite coffee drink is iced coffee with soy milk and Hazelnut!!

    harty.stephanie at gmail dot com!

  20. This is a giveaway from heaven. I work at a coffee shop and LOVE mixing new things together.
    Right now my favorite is probably an iced mocha with a shot of hazelnut and almond. Mmmmmm.


  21. Yummmm. My fave right now is an iced dirty chai latte. It tastes like Christmas!

    snshncpcks@gmail.com :)

  22. :] Favorite drink is an americano from a local shop. It is perfect.

    <3 Amber

  23. Hi, I am a follower!
    I am not big on coffee but sea-star who is living in Tuscon would Love this!
    I always get the strawberry frappe at starbucks. extra whip cream :)

  24. ooh yum, coffee! :)

    I am a follower of course :)
    My fave coffee I've had recently was in Copenhagen, in a super cute little cafe. Half expresso, half frothy soy. So good!


  25. Mmmmm I love Cartel! My favorite coffee drink is plan black coffee- when the coffee is good taste and qualilty I love to savor the taste- no diluting it. My fav is Cartel and Lux.


  26. yay coffee!!!
    My favorite coffee drink is iced coffee with soy milk and vanilla.
    I am of course a follower!!



  27. This is the best giveaway ever! My favorite coffee drink is a nonfat latte, and I like bold coffee. And I'm a follower.


  28. I'm currently addicted to iced mochas w/ coconut!


  29. fabulous giveaway! my fav kind of coffee is Moka Java : )

    vmdelisio at yahoo dot com