June 6, 2010

DIY headband, inspired by Seablanket!

Awhile back I spotted this extra cute DIY headband post on the Seablanket blog. After seeing the post I immediately felt the urge to pull out my crafting supplies and create something cute. The results:

I followed the DIY pretty much step by step, except for the fact that I used hot glue instead of a staple to attach the feathers. The supplies I used were all found in Scott's craft stash- the elastic was bought for cheap at Tempe Sales, the ribbon was something Scott had laying around, and the feathers Scott bought for me on sale at Michael's.

Chelsea has a whole lot of other really cute DIY's on her blog, and also just opened up an adorable Etsy shop. I highly suggest reading her blog!

Have you seen any cute DIY's lately? Have you followed DIY's and made your own cute things lately?

-Chels xoxo


  1. I haven't made any DIY's... ever! :D I have a whole slew of them bookmarked but never have the time... Looks so cute on you!

  2. How sweet!!! The browns of the feather and the blue ribbon look so wonderful together!!

  3. Danielle- I'm usually the same way haha but Scott really encouraged me to do it :]

    Sandy- Thank you! I thought they complemented each other well :]

  4. My best friend and I've been wanting to make homemade handbands...that's our goal this summer! Love your headband...it looks really good on you :]

  5. SO adorable! I love it, make me one LOL


  6. oh my goodness this is so cute!!
    i love DIYs!!!

  7. Aww! I'm so flattered you tried it, and yours looks ADORABLE!! Thank you for posting this! I love to see what people do by hand. <3