June 8, 2010

Doghouse Espresso-Delta, Colorado

This morning I made a trip to my favorite coffee shop in Delta, Colorado-Doghouse Espresso.

This cute shop is located in the heart of downtown Delta, and is full of charm. I decided to stick with my all-time favorite, an iced americano, and sat at a table facing the window.

The ceiling of the shop is my absolute favorite. I wish I could have an ornate tin roof in my home.

Overall, I really enjoyed my trip and will be going back, in fact, I went back this afternoon and got an even larger iced americano!

Have you visited any new coffee shops lately?

Hope you're having a lovely day!
-Chels xoxo


  1. i just can't get over your hair. it's so wonderful and beautiful!!!!

  2. Mmmmm. I want to go to there!

  3. I LOVE YOUR HAIR! haha and I'm so envious of you and your numerous trips to different coffee shops. So cute!<3

  4. i love that you are addicted to coffee! your hair does look darn amazing, i am glad you went for the bangs.

  5. Vanny- AWWh, thanks girl :] Wish you could come with!

    Rikki- Thank you so much! I'm happy with them now :] Oh, and the addiction started early, but Scott has made it grow over the years haha Also, I have a question for you! Scott asked me last night if I've heard of Loveland Boutique, because he saw pictures of your vegan cupcakes there. Is that where they had a craft show recently? Are you baking for them? :]

  6. I love your hair! So cute!! Makes me wanna go get a hair cut.I hope you are having a super fun time in Colorado. It looks so beautiful and it makes me jealous : )

  7. Isn't an Americano just water + espresso? ICK I don't know how you can drink those haha :)
    ps; your hair looks fab!

  8. Ashley- Oh, but I love your hair! Your bangs are too cute! Your hair always looks great every time I see you! Also, Colorado has been lovely so far. Things are very different here from PHX, but it's a nice change. Hope PHX is treating you well this summer :]

    Liz- It is haha My boyfriend got me addicted to them. I find inconsistency in iced coffee, so I always go with an iced americano because people usually make them the same. Oh, and thank you :]