June 5, 2010

Fancy Tiger!

Before I left Phoenix my friend Ashley told me about this awesome craft store in downtown Denver, Colorado. Since I knew I would be going to Denver at least once this summer I asked for her to write down the name of the store so I wouldn't forget.

About two weeks later I'm in Denver, Colorado trying to navigate myself through one way streets, and confusing street signs in order to get to Fancy Tiger. Only a few minutes after I landed in downtown I was parking down the street from the store (25 cents for an hours worth of parking? That's amazing!) and becoming overwhelmingly excited.

Fancy Tiger is positioned on a corner of a cute neighborhood filled with antique stores, bookstores, and restaurants.

Their window displays were the best, full of cute monsters!

Spot the cozy on the leg of the table? They were on everything!

So excited to be here!

The inside was just amazing, and full of all kinds of crafting supplies.

I ended up buying $40 of stuff. Here is some of my loot:

I'm really excited to use the sublime stitching patterns, but I'm a bit confused-maybe you can help? Do you iron the side that is darkened with the pattern, or the other where it is barely visible?

Overall, it was a great visit and I'm super glad that I was able to go.

Do you have any neat craft stores in your town? What are they like?

-Chels xoxo


  1. that stores looks so cute! i've never used iron on transfers before, but you might want to check the sublime stitching website for tips :).

  2. That place looks amazing!!! I'll have to keep it in mind if we stop by Denver on our trip in a few weeks :)

  3. Chelsey- Thanks for the tip! I did, and it turned out great :]

    Kara- You SO should! It's an amazing place, and the area surrounding it is super special as well :]

  4. Um ADORABLE! It looks so fun! Denver, here I come :)

  5. I'm so jealous! I miss Denver and Fancy Tiger! I'm so glad you liked it.

  6. what an ADORABLE little store! i wish there were places like that here, <3. thanks for all the lovely photos! doesn't look as if it'd be too hard to spend forty dollars in there, congrats on the great loot!
    - L