June 19, 2010

The Italian Underground

The other day I had the chance to go to one of my favorite Italian resturants- The Italian Underground in Glenwood Springs, Colorado.

Everyone in my family was hungry, but didn't feel like eating at the restaurant, so my mom took a little drive to the downtown area in Glenwood and picked up some yummy Italian food to-go.

The restaurant is situated in the basement of an old building that houses a boutique, and a thrift store on the first floor (I'm assuming there are apartments on the second floor).

The restaurant is at the bottom of a two really long staircases, and leads to a beautiful shiny stone floor.

The restaurant is very tiny, but that is what makes it quaint, and romantic as well. I honestly can't wait to take Scott here when he gets to Colorado in a few weeks. I just know he will love it there!

My food was amazingly good (pesto linguini w/homemade bread), and I can't wait to go back for another meal. Next time I promise to get spumoni ice cream for dessert as well!

Have you been to any extra unique/special restaurants lately?

-Chels xoxo


  1. aah! looks amazing! how i love pesto!

  2. Liz- so do I! My boyfriend and I are HUGE fans! :]

  3. looks delicious! I'm a HUGE italian food fan :)

  4. So you're probably getting sick of my Colorado comments, but I've totally eaten there and it was AMAZING! We did the bike/hike through Glenwood Springs last summer and after 18 miles we were super wiped out. My parents and their friends assigned me to DD in our huge rented van and we drove downtown to chow down here. It was seriously the most satisfying meal of my life!

  5. Oh I love places like that! It reminds me of the place we had our wedding rehearsal dinner. It was tiny but they closed the place down for just us. It was sooo pretty and romantic. They served us spaghetti. So delicious.

  6. this place looks so cute and cozy! and that pasta looks amazingggg! tomorrow were taking my dad to a Irish Pub in Portland, OR Called Kells! The Best Garden Burgers in Town! So Excited!

  7. i love their flooring. that place looks adorable!

  8. Yum!! It's making me hungry, looks amazing.

  9. What a cute little restaurant! I am obsessed with italian food...and pesto linguini w/homemade bread sounds delicious. Yummmmm.