June 4, 2010

Loaded Joe's Coffee Shop

A few days ago I made a stop in the local shop here in Avon, Colorado- Loaded Joe's.

Last year I came to this coffee shop/bar in hope of finding a good sugar-free latte. I remeber sitting down with my ipod, and notebook as well, listening to music and taking notes on the my drink (I used to keep a daily coffee log).

This year my experience was a little different, as I had an iced americano, and the shop was much quieter.

I also took in some really lovely artwork while I was there (the artist's name escapes me right now).

Have you been to any neat coffee shops lately? Do you have a favorite coffee shop?

-Chels xoxo


  1. I love the second piece of artwor, can you remember who the artist was? I think your blog is cute btw :)x

  2. MadameDollface- Oh I wish I could remember, but I accidently erased the name of the lady who did them. I saw them in Avon, Colorado USA so I'm sure if you googled for an artist in that area you might find her :

    Thank your for the sweet comment about my blog! I think your's is cute as well! Love your outfit posts!