June 14, 2010

My day: trips downtown, and park strolls.

Today was a very busy day, and I made a few stops in a couple of different towns.

The first town was Grand Junction, CO (again, I know). In GJ I had lunch with my mom at my favorite cafe, stopped by my favorite antique store in hopes that it was open (it wasn't), and grabbed an iced americano.

Veggie sandwich, coleslaw, and a mint brownie for dessert.

Favorite antique store. Hopefully sometime this year I'll make it inside.

The other town I visited was Palisade, CO, which is about ten minutes from GJ.

Here I hung out at a beatiful park, while my mom chatted business with someone.

I also went on a walk with my dog, Jake. My mom snapped a photo of us:

While out roaming around I spotted two blue birds eggs, both sadly cracked.

You can't really see them, but there were the initials A and F carved into this tree stump.

They also had the most beautiful flowers throughout the park, and a few plum trees too:

Overall, it was a very nice day and I'm happy that I was able to document it.

How was your day today? Did you visit any parks?
-Chels xoxo


  1. looks like a lovely day for sure... that sandwich looks amazing! i love the abundance of avocado! yum

  2. Alyssa- Thanks girl! It was a lovely day for sure!

  3. Soooo beautiful! I can't wait to be in CO in a couple weeks :)

  4. that mint brownie looks SOOOOOO tasty!