June 10, 2010

New-vintage bicycle

As mentioned in a few previous post, I have been looking for a vintage bicycle to ride around this summer during my travels this summer. Well, after a few mishaps aka I almost had a bike, or couldn't find a way to get a bike up country, I finally own my second vintage bike.

There's a cute little story that goes along with the finding of this bike- the other day I was antique shopping in a office supply/antique store when I cat came out from behind a vintage chair and started meowing at me, LOUDLY. The cat continued to follow me around the circle of antiques, and continued to meow, and even hissed a few times. Eventually the cat backed me into this corner room because I was afraid it was going to bite me (I'm a little afraid of cats and their sharp fangs). Once in said corner, I turned around and there was the bike, sitting in-between a couch and some kind of plastic tubing. I immediately fell in love, and just knew it was a nice bike. So I decided to make my way up to the front and asked the lady working there about the bike, and if she was selling it. To my delight she said it had been sitting there for ages, then offered to pull it out so I could get a better look at it, then offered it to me for $7.50. Needless to say I took her steal of an offer, and left the shop with a new (vintage) bike.

The bike is in great condition, and needed minimal work. I scrubbed it down with some soap and water, cleaned the outside of the internal hub to make it shine, put down the seat, and fixed up the tires.

This morning I have a lovely bike ride planned, and only wish my wonderful boyfriend Scott was here to go on it with me.

-Chels xoxo


  1. How cute! I finally found a new-to-me vintage bike this year too! I love mine : ) Cheers to summer bike riding!

  2. I'm so jealous! What a steal! I thought my $20 vintage bike was a good deal, but you blew that out of the water. Congrats!

  3. oh this bike is crazy adorable. good find! the evil kitty was like take this bike and buzz off human! (:

  4. Score! I too have been on the hunt for a simple vintage bike to ride around town with my mister {he's Mr Bicycle} this summer since I sold my fixed gear last year!

  5. I need to stick by you.. you seem to find amazing things for super cheap. I love it!

  6. $7.50?!?!?!?! NO WAY!

    That little cat story is so so cute :) I think cats are totally scary too.

  7. i abso-frikin-lutley LOVE IT!

  8. It was meant to be! I love that bike so much! I've been looking for a bike of my own.. I better find a cat to show me the way!

  9. Sarah- So glad that you found one! What kind is it?

    Rachel- $20 is still a great find! What kind is it? Color?

    Rikki- That is SO what it was saying haha It wanted me to take it and leave!

    Liz- Hope you find one soon! Good luck!

    Kevi- Haha thanks girl! We will for sure go thrifting when I get back :]

    Kara- So glad that I'm not alone haha

    Biscuit- Thanks girl! It's pretty nifty :]

    Chelsea- Thanks doll! :]

    Kata-Thanks girl!

    Rachael- Oh I hope one leads you right to a cute bike soon! Maybe your cute little doggy could do it! :]

  10. Did your bike have rust on it? Yesterday when pulled my bike out from our parking garage at my condo and realized the ocean air has rusted parts of the handlebars. :( The chain still works perfectly but I can't decide if I like the rust (gives it character!) or takes away from its pink cuteness.
    Let me know if you have any advice :)

  11. oops I forgot to write my question ha! Can you recommend anything to get rid of the rust?