June 7, 2010

Package from Diana of Our City Lights!

Recently, I received a lovely package from Diana of Our City Lights. Not too long before Diana had asked her Twitter followers if someone would like a copy of the book Eat, Pray, Love. Well, I have been dying to read that book (and see the movie) so I immediately tweeted her back and said that I would LOVE to have it. In the end Diana said that it was mine and that she would be sending me it, as well as something else, as a late birthday present.

Well, I was super excited when my mail arrived and in it was this beautiful package from Diana. After opening it was I was in awe, and felt overwhelmingly excited and thankful. Diana is so sweet, and really made my day (week, and month) with her thoughtful package.

The contents included:

Eat, Pray, Love , Liberty of London card, the Autumn fine art print, the Save Ferris notecard, You Are My Everything print, cute photo bags, I've Waited My Whole Life For You card, and the Details print.

Did I mention even the outside of the package was adorable? Check out those sweet stickers:

Once again, I feel like I can't say this enough, Diana's photos are top-notch quality, and she's a true sweetheart. I highly suggest purchasing something from her shop and supporting a true artist.

Thanks again for everything Diana!

-Chels xoxo


  1. You are so sweet! I'm so happy you liked everything. Let me know how you like the book, too!

  2. Ooooh! That is my kind of package! :)

  3. I just started reading Eat Pray Love and I am really enjoying it. Hope you do as well!

  4. Diana- YOU are the sweet one! I will for sure, I'm so excited to read it!

    Kara- Same here :]

    Caiti- Thank you! I hear it's a great read :]

  5. ooo!
    and you'll love the book it's a great read.

  6. Diana sends the sweetest packages, I swear. I just received one from her the other day! :)

  7. Carly- Thanks girl! I'm excited to start it :]

    Liz- She SO does! What a great lady :]