June 3, 2010

Re-post from Merry May Handmade

Hey there everyone, I just saw this post on the Merry May Handmade blog and just had to repost it, as it deals with two things very near, and dear to my heart- crafting and Arizona.

Merry May Handmade said:

I am pleased to announce that Merry May Handmade will be hosting an Etsy Birthday celebration, the Etsy Craft Party on June 18th!

"Let's celebrate! Today, along with ReadyMade and Meetups Everywhere (and you), we're launching Etsy Craft Party, a global initiative to energize your local community, make art together, and throw a party in your neck of the woods. We want to celebrate crafting together on June 18, 2010 (which just happens to be Etsy's birthday) with as many celebrations across the globe as possible."

But I can't do it alone- I need your help! Like the folks over at Etsy have described, it would be amazing for this to be a big event that brings like minded folks together to share and collaborate. That's where you come in! Tell your friends, family , classmates, and coworkers. Another little perk- the top 50 events with the most folks RSVPed get a box full of Etsy goodies!

It will be a fantastic party complete with crepe paper, crafts and yummy goodies. There will also be a DIY project and a supply swap. Did you buy a bunch of supplies for a project you never got around to? (I do it all the time!) Or maybe you are interested in trying something new? Bring a handfull of supplies to swap- from stencils and paint to yarn or transfer paper- anything goes.

I know we can make this an amazing event and, together, begin the spread of the craft revoltion across Arizona! Check out the event page
here and be sure to email me with any questions or ideas you might have.

Hope you don't mind me re-posting this Ashley!

Spread the word everyone!

-Chels xoxo


  1. Brilliant!
    I love etsy and will be having a craft party and to celebrate I am featuring 15 favourite shops that day on my blog so just email me to submit your shop - hellogreenpickles@googlemail.com


  2. Let's go to this together!!!

  3. I love this. I live in AZ too :)