June 12, 2010

Roasted- Grand Junction, Colorado

Yesterday, while out running a few errands in Grand Junction, Colorado, I made a quick stop at my favorite coffee shop in the area- Roasted.

I found this cute coffee shop a few years ago, when it was still located in the back of a mountain sports based store. Since then it has relocated to a cute building down the street, that once used to hold another cherished coffee shop.

This was their sign that sits right on the corner in their historic downtown area:

& this is their sign this year:

I feel like they may have rubbed out the old sign, as to not cause confusing, but really it was a old beautiful sign and I'm sad to see it gone.

The inside is equally as cute:

I kind of really adored their extra-long lists of syrups, even though I never take any of them in my coffee:

The building is super small, but the feeling that you have while inside is great. The coffee smells so good, and the staff is friendly. I plan on taking Scott here in a few weeks, and plan on going there as many times as I can this summer.

My delicious soy latte.

Hope you're having a lovely morning1
-Chels xoxo


  1. HI there! I was just poking along and saw your post. I grew up in Grand Junction. I love it and miss it there. You just visiting? I also love Main Street. Such a great vibe down there and cute shops. I'm gonna add your blog. Have a wonderful day xo

  2. That sounds like fun! :) Sounds yummy too!

  3. Looks like such a cute place! I feel like you always find the best coffee shops. Lucky.

  4. Miss Peacock- That's so neat that you grew up there! Main street is quite lovely, and I enjoy myself when I'm down there. I'm actually traveling around the area so I'll be going there a few more times thi summer. Thanks for support :]

    Biscuit- It was so good! I love that place!

    Cara-Mia- Awwh, thanks girl! I always try to scope out the good ones :]

  5. I really love all of your coffee posts, they make me want to visit each place. :)

  6. you always find THE cutest coffee shops! I've been looking for local shops around my area and we have only one beside Starbucks! It's called Indian Shores and it's great and right on the beach, but I wish we had more :/

  7. I agree with Jennifer. You do always find the cutest coffee shops! I must visit every one you post about :]

  8. I love unique coffee shops, I should really find more around my area!