June 1, 2010

Scott's handmade needle organizers! Now for sale!

Recently, Scott made a batch of needle/pencil organizers for Ashley of Mary May Handmade!

Scott made his first organizer for me, and gave it to me last year as a part of my anniversary gift.

Today it holds my crochet needles, knitting needles, and a stitch marker. I absolutely love my organizer, and find it so handy, as well as durable (canvas + a soft fabric is always a good mix!).

Scott also made one for himself that now holds his drawing pencils.

The six previously shown organizers are now available for purchase at Merry May Handmade (located inside Butter Toast Boutique in downtown Phoenix, Arizona, right off of 6th Street and Roosevelt). Scott had a lot of fun making them, and plans on making more in the future.

Scott will be hanging out at Merry May Handmade on First Friday (this Friday), so if you're in the area be sure and stop by and say hi to him and Ashley!

Hope everyone is having a lovely evening!
-Chels xoxo


  1. One of these would be amazing for me to have for my paint brushes!

  2. oh wow! these are incredible!!
    and so helpful.. i need one these so i can be more organized!! haha!

  3. Thats so cute. I love the design. I used to have something like that when I was little, but I'm pretty sure I had no idea what it was for and just placed a lot of random objects in it...


  4. Can I buy one online? I'd love one for my drawing pencils and rapidograph pens. Tell Scott to start and etsy shop :D

  5. ahhh! i would LOVE to buy one from him! i agree with Cara: he should definitely start an etsy!