June 11, 2010

Sweet packages!

Recently, I've really been blessed with some very sweet packages. On Wednesday I was lucky enough to receive two in one day!

The first was from my cousin Stacy. She sent me some coffee beans from Stumptown Coffee Roasters in Seattle, WA. She also sent me a picture of my little cousin Orion. Isn't he the cutest?

The second package was from my wonderful boyfriend Scott. It included:

A package of thrifted embroidery yarn, a beautiful anchor necklace (we've had this since for matching anchors for as long as I can remember), a beautiful note that made me cry, and some pretty Japanese packing tape.

I have a few packages that I'm currently working on right now. I've found that putting together packages for friends is a lot of fun during the summer, as I travel a lot and see to stumble upon cute things here and there that I feel make the packages unique, and different from what they might be if I made them while solely at home.

Have you received any sweet packages lately? Are you currently working on one for a loved one, or friend?



  1. i loooove packages, it makes your day so much better.
    i just got a pen pal and i am going to make a package for them, its harder than it looks.

    i love reading your blog and your adventures.



  2. Lovely! I LOVE deco tape, & the ones you got look super cute. :)

    I am currently working on a package for you (although you won't be in AZ for a while) & awaiting for one from a Tumblr friend. So when I get that I'll be working on theirs. I absolutely love mail! <3

  3. I love receiving and sending parcels! Both are so much fun. I just got a couple from Diana of Our City Lights and Naomi from The Gluttonous Vegan. Love those girls and they sure know how to send a parcel, lemme tell ya!

    Your care package from Scott is SO cute.<3

  4. getting packages in the mail is seriously the best!! its so exciting to see it waiting on your doorstop!
    that packaging tape is too cool!

  5. I love how you document your life with photos! Not a detail is missed.

  6. Gee- Good luck with your package! I'm sure it will turn out great! PS Thanks for the sweet comment about my blog :]

    Cara-Mia- Oh, I hope you get your package from your Tumblr friend soon! Also, I have my mail sent to me every week, so whenever you send something to me, I'll get it pretty quick :]

    Liz- Diana's packages are literally THE best! Also, I seriously need to read Naomi's blog! I've heard such great things about her :]

    Chelsea- I totally agree, and thank you! Can I ask you something, did you ever receive your giveaway winner package from Emily of Say Anything? I never did.

    Suki- Thank you SOOO much! That is such a wonderful compliment, and I appreciate it very much :] Thanks for making my night<3

  7. Oooh I had no idea! Okay, that will make me hurry more then haha.