June 16, 2010

A tiny trip to Carbondale, CO.

The other day my mom had some business to attend to in Carbondale, CO. I decided to go along with her for the ride, and spent some time walking around the town while she took care of business.

I visited a few local thrift stores, including this cute one:

Admired the pretty flowers that were placed throughout the town:

I also took a visit to the only coffee shop in town, a place called The Lift.

The had a lovely bookcase wall, and also a spacious sitting area.

I got my usual, an iced americano, and sat outside to watch the people passing by.

I did notice this beautiful piece sitting right inside the coffee shop by the door though:

I also took a stroll to the local bookstore, and admired their lovely flower box, and also their adorable handmade sign.

This morning I also went on a little adventure, which I will share at a later date (most likely tomorrow), but for now it's time for bed for this lady-today has seriously wore me out.

Hope you all had a lovely day!


PS What's your favorite thing about exploring a new town? Are there certain kinds of stores, or other things that you look out for? I would love to know!

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  1. Looks like a great day. I can't wait to visit Boulder again next month. I love Colorado.