July 16, 2010

Coffee and Donuts on the River

Last Sunday Scott and I had a little coffee and donut date in a pretty park in Grand Junction, Colorado.

While looking for a place to see, we noticed a mini-river that lines the park, and flows through the through a pretty shaded area (we ultimately decided to take a seat there).

Our picnic was quite lovely, even though it was slightly interrupted buy a group of kids tubing down the river we were sitting over (it was actually pretty cute). We enjoyed a selection of donuts from City Market (best grocery store in the state), and sipped on hot drip coffee from a local coffee shop called Coffee Muggers in downtown Grand Junction.

Out of all the donuts we picked out, the strawberry cake donut was Scott and I's favorite.

To be honest, I really, really enjoyed these couple of moments alone together, in nature, and I'm already looking forward to many more picnics in the future.

Have you been on any picnics lately? What's your favorite kind of donut? Mine's any kind that has maple frosting on it.



  1. you two are the sweetest couple! i'm so inspired by you guys to believe that my someone is out there, too!

  2. I haven't been on any picnics yet but I did sit on a blanket at a softball game. A really cute blanket. Hahaha

    And cake donuts!!!

    :) I love reading about your little adventure dates.

  3. Liz- Thank you so much for the kind words! I am sure you will find that special person for you one day :]

    Kelsey- How fun, and I'm so glad that you're liking my little stories :]

  4. Oh Gosh, please don't ask me anything about donuts, I cannot stay away from them! And I love all of them too! You guys are so cute...

  5. i like krispy kreme donuts that have chocolate frosting and sprinkles. or plain with raspberry filling! soooo yummy!

  6. i've totally got my eyes all over that sprinkled one! i went on a picnic a few weeks ago in croatia. we drove there just for the day, so i could get my passport stamped to extend my stay in hungary, sitting by the lake, was so nice they don't happen often enough, picnics.

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